2020 is almost over. While it’s not the sort of year everybody wants to look back on, we’re still proud of the work we did in 2020. To celebrate the end of this year, we’ll look back on the people and products that made it brighter by highlighting the top ten blog posts. Here’s the list of posts we loved this year at Making Sense, even through the ups and downs of 2020!

1. Inclusive Design: App Case Study for Farmers in Emerging Markets
In our #1 blog of the year, Noelia Garcia lays out the ground rules for getting design right for everybody. While designing an app for farmers with low literacy, the Making Sense team kept their unique users in mind. They designed features for these farmers that were highly usable – and ultimately more equitable.

2. How can design thinking help us cope with project management issues?
The approach of Design Thinking (DT) can be applied beyond design teams. In this post, Dolores Moyano uses the DT process to break down project management for better results in remote communication and culture. This process creates a stronger iteration of project management than ever before.

3. From Envisioning to Development: Dive Into Our New Discovery Process
The Discovery Process is where the magic happens. But what methods are behind getting the Discovery Process to yield amazing results? This deep-dive from Santiago Tribiani goes over the Making Sense way for mind-blowing products.

4. The Benefits of Having a Strong Culture
This pre-pandemic post really struck a chord with those struggling to create culture – even more so during the shift to remote work. Here, Marcelo Spezia explains that real company culture must be cultivated for the success of the company – and some key considerations for doing so.

5. Why hunting down bugs is not a good QA Strategy
Bug-free products are often a top priority – but how do QA teams get there? In this wonderfully informational post, Fabián Andrés Levin defines how QA teams can meet client expectations and optimize the product without “breaking the code.”

6. Meet Florencia: Expert in Finding Non-Conventional Solutions
Making Sense is all about its people. This interview spotlights UX designer Florencia and her journey from the acting stage to the design world. In it, you’ll get a sense for her company values, UX expertise and overall curiosity.

7. The Best Practices for Working Remotely
Remote work has become a buzzword in 2020. Fortunately, Making Sense has a lot of remote experience, since teams are spread across a dozen locations in the Americas. In this top post, José Sotes reviews some of Making Sense’s handiest advice for new remoters.

8. How to Choose an Automation Framework Without Dying in The Process
Choosing an automation framework can be tricky, but Fabián Andrés Levin breaks down the decision-making process. This guide is great for teams who are still on the edge about which automation framework is actually best for their project.

9. Software Quality Should Start at Home
Software quality goes beyond just the QA team – though they’re often blamed for mishaps. In this thoughtful post, Fabián Andrés Levin gives the bigger picture on how teams can improve software quality with a change in mindset.

10. Meet JD Raimondi: The glue between teams
Last but not least, this interview with Making Sense star JD pulls back the curtain into Making Sense’s people-oriented teams. JD started as a developer but now coordinates stakeholders as a Solutions Architect. Learn why he’s the “glue” in this video post.

We’re hopeful that the new year will revive our spirits – and our work at Making Sense. No matter the challenges ahead of us, we’ll stay focused on our customers, new and old, to imagine and develop great products. Happy New Year from all of us at Making Sense!