Whether you are thinking about releasing a new product or wondering how to boost a current one, there are many questions you should be asking if you are looking to build products users will love. But, this is not easy and success doesn’t happen by chance. Instead, it is a consequence of many hard-working hours and of course, knowledge put into action.

Through the years we have been turning the boldest ideas into delightful products. Why? Just because we love doing it, and we strongly believe that when you mix the art of doing magnificent things with the most strategic thoughts, magic happens.

We excel because we are experts, and we are experts because we have lived, we have made mistakes, and we have learned from them — and then we grew. We’ve created memories, and those encourage us to take your business to the next level. We’ve spent years creating, and, since the industry is always evolving, we are continuously improving our methods and processes.

One process, many solutions

We offer a complete solution for each company, no matter what industry you’re in. Our development process allows us to create the most innovative solutions for any user around the globe.

It’s a three-step process that includes the initial discovery phase, which leads to developing a minimum viable product (MVP), and continues scaling it to its desired version. Today, we are going to walk you through this first step, where it all begins.

Square one

Each successful business story needs a starting point, a place where ideas and data are stressed and challenged, diverged and converged, and where the vision your team has is shaped into outcomes with business value.

Due to our passion for creating and designing experiences that ignite business value, one of the processes we have developed most extensively is the Discovery phase. Why? Because we understood the best way to navigate the journey is as partners, and it may sound like a cliché but, honestly, the faster we get into your world, the better. It is our best way to put skin in the game. That has led us to significantly improve it over the years.

This Discovery Phase allows us to define the best approach for your project and then craft the best solution. Our relaunched process is a 2 to 4 week journey that goes deep into your business core and takes from there the most valuable data for the adventure. By using these data, we assure that whatever we define as the product strategy, definitions and designs are aligned to the business goals and to what success means.

A look inside at the Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is simple, but not easy to carry out. It’s methodic, but different each time. Even when every project is exceptional or has a unique character or potential, our methodology is adaptive and works perfectly to fit any given context.

The key? A context-agnostic method that truly looks for having an understanding and a deep awareness of your company. We explore your business and its journey, its goals and vision, its users and their pain points, its opportunities and strengths, its value proposition and the motivations underneath… we go deep into your team’s collective mind to unveil what will make your team seize the day.

Here’s a sneak peek. We will collaboratively go through Design Thinking workshops that will electrify our brains by taking everyone out of their comfort zone. Hours of hard work will be invested here. It’s a process that requires energy, but seriously, the results we get make sense.

Then, we go a step further and analyze resources, technical capabilities, and how teams are composed. It’s a process that involves stakeholders and we want to get involved with as many of them as possible. Everyone is a source of information for us.

From research to crafting

Great, but at this point, maybe you are wondering, what about the results of this process? What will you take away after 2 to 4 weeks of hard work and challenges? It’s a totally fair question, and we agree – you deserve to know, so let’s jump into it:

We told you we are magic makers, and we say it ‘cos we organize the chaos by bridging the gap between delight and data. Wonder and certainty. We make sense by showing you that with great data and good design – anything is possible, and this is our chance to prove it, “res non verba”, no?.

We advocate for things like “facts instead of words” or “execution is everything”, that’s why now is the time to prove what that means. Now it’s time to transform all of these data we have gathered into actionable steps. Now it’s time to converge ideas into shaped product designs.

With a “Davincian” dedication, we begin the definition and design process, and the first deliverables are coming to the table. We’re closing in on the end stages.

We are creators

We listened, we ideated, we defined, we designed…Let’s create

Listen up, this is the most important step in the process, the moment you have been craving since the first day. As a result of those moments where we took you out of your comfort zone and had you challenge yourself to go beyond your assumptions, we are going to deliver a plan. Yeah, we know, it’s not that WOW? Just a plan? That’s it? Well, it is not just a simple plan – it is The Master Plan. 

Team Configuration & Architecture Diagram

Now we’re in good shape to begin this product endeavor together. Why? Because The Master plan tells us exactly how to get from point A to point B in the most effective way. 

The Master Plan

This is a detailed document that explains how you will get from the envisioning stage to an MPV development.

What does it include?

  • A clear roadmap with a refined scope and milestones
  • A clear understanding of the resources the project will need
  • How the team will be composed
  • The investment and the time to develop the MVP
  • Technical architecture design and its stack of technologies
  • A set of click-through wireframes or mockups to allow everybody to visualize the solution

You will see for the first time what the product you have been envisioning for a long time will look like, and most importantly, how to get there.

Low-fidelity Wireframes

The starting point

We’ve reached the end, and it’s funny, right? Because paradoxically, it is also just the beginning. As we mentioned in the lines above, this is the first stage of our development framework. It’s square one of a 6-month journey that will conclude with your first product version launched to the market.

There are plenty of things to go through, and we would love to go deeper into some of these concepts and processes, so drop us a call! Let’s talk about it.