Hi there, and welcome back to another edition of the Meet a Making Senser video series. Today’s episode is about one of the most well-known names on the team, the person who fixes everything: JD.

Juan Diego. joined our team in 2007, and since then he has built an amazing career that brings him to where he is now, in the position of Solutions Architect. His beginnings were as a developer, but as his career evolved, he took on a more active role coordinating teams and helping them to make the things going on. 

Today, he describes himself as the “glue” between partners, business interests, UX goals, and the technical team. 

An AI, Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiastic, JD is an all-around fascinating guy. Enjoy the interview!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as we did recording it! If you want to know more about JD, we recommend you read his articles at his blog and connect with him at LinkedIn.