Sol has been happily working at Making Sense for about 6 years now. If you get to know her, you will discover an energetic, passionate, curious techie fan. She’s also very much attached to her dog, Philippo. And of course, this girl is rocking it in the tech world!

How did you become Doppler’s CMO?

In 2011, I was working at Citroën as a Community Manager when Gabriel Buyatti, HR Manager of Making Sense, sent me a Direct message on Twitter. He asked me if I wanted to interview with a software company in Mar del Plata that was about to launch a new product. The proposal seemed very interesting and after a telephone interview, I approached our previous headquarters where I met Damián D’Onofrio (President and Co-founder).

I knew that joining Making Sense was going to represent new challenges and I was going to have the possibility of learning from great professionals and that was what seduced me the most about this new position.

Eventually, I started working as a Community Manager for Lander, one of the products developed by Making Sense. I worked in that job for 3 to 6 months when I was offered the position of Marketing Manager at Doppler, the email marketing tool. This really took me by surprise and I was very happy for the opportunity I was given. I started managing a one-person team, then two, and now we are a great multidisciplinary team with members located in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Ecuador.

How is your current work team formed?

Doppler’s Marketing team is divided by areas. There is a division responsible for general marketing, inbound marketing, content, social media, events, branding and everything referred to seasonal actions.

On the other hand, we have specialists dedicated to establishing partnerships and alliances with other companies.
We have representatives in each country where we are expanding: Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain. There, you will find a person who plays the role of Country Manager, and they are quite focused on marketing.

There is also the design team that has cross-product responsibilities: applications, website, marketing actions, branding, etc.

Last, but not least, we have the Doppler Relay team, who is responsible for promoting our fantastic transactional email service.

The most interesting part of my job is that I am the bridge between these different areas, the tech team and the commercial customer service team. I am very happy I joined as a member of Doppler’s Board :) Working with Damian D’Onofrio, Cesar D’Onofrio (CEO) and Diego Noya (CTO) has been great since this has provided me a broader global view of business. We decide where we are going, how we are going to do it, how we are going to grow.

Last year, when they gave me the news I was really excited about being a part of this. This opportunity gives me a hyper global vision of market analysis, trends, and how to make Doppler continue as the leader in Latin America.

I feel that I have grown a lot here and Doppler has allowed me to meet tons of people. Many have been like mentors from whom I have learned a lot. In this industry there are a lot of very generous people who share their successes as well as their ‘learning opportunities’. And that contributes to my own professional growth.

About failures, do you recognize any, or did you ever feel that things had gone wrong?

Failures? I don’t see things that way. As a professional, I see that I’ve had many opportunities for improvement. Marketing is not established, so there is a lot of trial and error. There are Best Practices but there is still a lot of trial and error. Silvia Vassolo, Program Manager at Making Sense, taught me that while there is opportunity for improvement, there is opportunity for growth. That really clicked with me because it means that there are still many more possibilities to grow; It means that you are alive.

“While there is opportunity for improvement, there is opportunity for growth; It means that you are alive.”.

Sol Romeo, CMO at Doppler

I feel that one key ingredient of a great team is a ‘chain of command’ sort of situation. Delegation, trust, and teamwork all go hand in hand, so successfully setting it up where the people I’m in charge of, are also in charge of people is a very productive way to work.

I definitely feel that I accomplished that this year and that represents a great satisfaction for me. I really enjoy seeing that the people on my team are growing too.

What are the aspects of your work that you are most passionate about?

I really like trends: seeing what is being done, what we can do, how we can offer something different, how to provide value, etc. Doppler is very committed to the growth of the industry in general. That is why we developed our Doppler Academies, EMMS (the free online Marketing event), and it’s why we write posts about it in our blog. We carry the flag of training and that is what I like the most, what interests me the most.

I enjoy the fact that I’m able to attend an event and listen to great people in the industry and learn from them! I come back to Doppler anxious to apply what I have learned.

What skills have you acquired in this path?

I feel like I learned a lot but team management is the most important element. How to mix the human part with the professional side, develop empathy: there’s a lot to it! Of course, in addition, I learned about other complex things too: analysis techniques, planning and strategy. Strategy is one of the things that I like the most about my job.

I was very young when I became part of the company: I was 23 years old and now I’m 29. I think that I have not only grown as a person, but also as a professional and Damian always motivates me to keep going on that direction.

I have had a lot of growth opportunity and that is always a good challenge. I always try to train myself, to live up to it and give my best. That is one of the values of this company: to achieve a level where consumers experience added value with any of our products or services. We pay close attention to that.

How do you transmit your energy to your team?

It is very important to me to have one on one meetings with them, but I do not have any specific “technique”. This is something that comes from the heart. I am passionate about what I do. In fact, I do not know if there is a hobby that I am as passionate about as my vocation. I’m interested in everything that is communication so I try to convey that. When you see someone on your team who feels the same thing, it’s rewarding!

Often, I try to adapt the tasks to the interests of each member of the team. I believe that if you do something that truly fascinates you, the results will be better. And of course, I try to merge the interest of the person with the business objectives and within the strategy.

What are your strengths?

I think my strength is problem-solving. I see a problem and look for a solutions from different angles. That is something that I feel I developed in the last few years. I do not see a problem as something negative, rather try to turn it around and see it as something positive, as a new challenge to overcome.

Tell me something we do not know about Sol.
Right now I’m obsessed with knitting. One thing that distinguishes me is that I do not have a particular hobby. I get bored very fast. I need to get involved in many little things: drawing, embroidery, knitting, reading, playing paddle and gardening. I enjoy rotating among all the activities that I like because I’m very restless and I have a lot of energy.

The answer, for me, is to try and tackle small projects so I get to finish them :)

Sol is just one of the amazing persons that work at Making Sense. Take a look at our previous interview with our head of HR, Gabriel Buyatti.