If you were to ask Gabriel Buyatti to describe himself, he’d begin by telling you he’s an enthusiastic person. He’d then go on to say he’s the kind of guy who loves to visit different cities and countries.

What all this points to is a burning desire to explore experiences and live new emotions. Gabriel is a lover of adrenaline and as such, he enjoys exploring new activities. Paragliding, parachuting, and bungee jumping are some of his latest adventures.

We are very happy to have shared these past 7 years with Gabriel here at Making Sense. Let’s get to know our Making Senser a little better and find out what makes things tick at this company.

Why did you choose HR as your profession?

It stood out to me at university as a profession that held the type of challenges I loved. As a student imagining this career, I assumed that I would have to be in contact with people and their problems.

But then I realized that the profession wasn’t just about solving people’s problems. I would also have to try to correlate their values with those of Making Sense to see whether and where they might fit in.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a HR professional?

One of my strengths is that I feel that I can identify someone’s deep character within their outer layers of personality, values ​​and skills. That’s important when I’m talking to those people who aspire to join Making Sense. Then, I’m able to convey to them honestly what I feel they are going to find inside the company.

With regard to weaknesses, I certainly have many. But what counts most in our profession is never to lose sight of our objectives. It’s important to remember that we deal with people who have expectations beyond what we can imagine. Securing these expectations is often difficult and often leads to misconceptions. This would be a good area to keep improving.

How would you define MS’s company culture?

Our culture as such was not formed through commandments that came down from a mountain. Instead, our culture is the product of a lot of different customs that were eventually brought into balance. This place of balance is what the company took to become its core values. ​​So it’s essential that all Making Sensers understand and adopt these values too. The summary of these core values would be: balance and a sense of belonging!

What would the Making Sense team say is the top 3 reasons why they love working at MS?

The first would be that they find a nice congruence between what they look for as professionals and what we have to offer as a company. Second, they appreciate a working ecosystem that is prepared for the development of each of our collaborators (benefits, roles, responsibilities, growth and of course, remuneration).

And lastly, and as a correlation with hiring and keeping good professionals, I believe without hesitation, that the human quality that exists is the most important of all.

What are your hobbies?

I really enjoy running. I also play soccer a lot and I love to travel!

A place in the world?

Mexico! I am Argentine and I used to work in our offices in Mar del Plata. This year I decided on a change of scenery. Mexico and its people have received me very well, so I am very happy to be able to live this new stage of my life in this country.

And that’s Gabriel Buyatti, as you can see, an unlimited adventurer and a passionate of his job. Stay tuned – we’ll bring you more interviews with extraordinary Making Sensers next time!

And in the meantime, be sure to connect with Gabriel on Linkedin.