Agile and Lean methodologies become a new way in which technology companies work. These are two complementary principles that Latin American companies are implementing as main tools and pillars that guide the development of their software products.

Latin America is growing as regards outsourcing, offering not only the implementation of these two methods, but also, a wide range of benefits providing a nearshore delivery model. So, we are in front of three powerful concepts: nearshore outsourcing, Lean and Agile, which can be seamlessly integrated, resulting in a good product to offer to our customers.

In Latin America, The Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA) was created. This non profit organization was founded with the objective of emphasizing the capabilities that LatAm offers to perform and develop software products and services, with all the advantages that the Nearshore delivering model has.

On November 18th NEA shared with us a very helpful webinar that allowed us to understand more clearly how Lean and Agile methods work. Reprepresentatives of companies that are used to work with these software development methods exposed and partook some of their experiences and success cases that applied to the usage of these principles.

Making Sense was represented by Juan De Abreu, our VP, Director of Clients Services. He presented how we helped COPsync to develop VidTac, an in-car software driven video system for law enforcement that shares at real-time information, communication and data interoperability network. The software-driven system needed to use the power of existing in-car computers and to eliminate the need for a separate DVR (digital video recorder).

As Making Sense, other companies had the opportunity to expose their experiences. Luis Saldaña, VP Business Development & CTO at Dextra Technologies and Felipe Brito, Business Director at CI&T explained how their companies made use of the Agile-Lean engine methods, both obtaining excellent results.

Why are Lean and Agile methods infallible?

Fortunately, NEA gives us access to a White paper that provide us with all the required information to discover Latin American application services market, and also offers us case studies from three established providers who have benefited from the adoption of these methodologies. The mentioned case studies have used and implemented Agile and Lean methodology to solve their clients’ complex business problems but, at the same time, they were able to maximize the advantage of their nearshore locations.

In this white paper you will learn more about:

  • When Are Agile & Lean the Right Fit?
  • What Does It Mean to Be Agile?
  • Benefits Driven By Lean in Software Development
  • The greatest benefits arising from the combination of Nearshore, Agile and Lean
  • The Undeniable Value Driven By Latin America
  • What Sparks Innovation?
  • Examples of the cultural alignment of Latin and North America.
  • Natural Born Entrepreneurs: Cultural Alignment Ensures A Successful Agile Approach

There are many other concepts that this white paper offers. So, make the most of this opportunity and learn more about NEA, Outsourcing in Latin America and last but not least, the benefits of using Agile and Lean methodologies and how successful companies have used them obtaining very good results.

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At Making Sense we are proudly users of the Agile methodology, so if you have a great idea, we can help you turn it into a software project by making use of it. Contact us!