Getting Business Value from Application Development

Our previous post discussed the prevailing trends driving IT in 2012. Now let’s look at identifying priorities for this year.

Here’s a framework for planning high-priority tasks that we like from the 2011 IBM Global CIO Study:

  1. Expand: Refine business processes and enhance collaboration
  2. Leverage: Streamline operations and increase organizational effectiveness
  3. Transform: Change the value chain via better relationships
  4. Pioneer: Drive innovative products, markets and business models

Within that framework, there are key tasks that will improve operations and reduce spend:

  • Deploying real-time information and “big data” more effectively *
  • Developing innovative technology and identifying new revenue streams *
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration internally and externally
  • Expanding and improving the value chain
  • Implementing risk management frameworks
  • Improving the customer experience for new or improved apps *
  • Pursuing continual growth
  • Standardizing infrastructure/processes and creating better business processes *
  • Updating legacy systems and controlling costs associated with them *

* These activities are best suited to offshore outsourcing. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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