As we shared in a previous post, Common Sense is part of the “working group” of the Nearshore Executive Alliance, established by a set of Nearshore industry leaders and business executives. In this opportunity, Cesar DOnofrio, our CEO, attended the first Nearshore Executive Alliance Board Meeting on October 17th in Seattle.

At this meeting the founding board members discussed several topics and made some key decisions about the non profit organization. In conclusion the Nearshore Executive Alliance is:

  • The Voice of Nearshore Industry
  • The source of Information/sharing knowledge
  • The network of nearshore focused leaders
  • A promoter of the nearshore industry

The main goal for 2012 is to have a critical group that will help the Nearshore industry grow. This participation is very important to promote and empower Argentina and Latin America IT industry.

The day after the board meeting, the members assisted to the SIG Conference. There they discussed topics such as innovation, agile methods and new technologies. Here you can see the full presentation.

In addition, we want to thanks Dawn Evans for her generosity. She was the one who made this meeting possible, providing the attendees a great place to meet and some delicious food!

Future board meetings will be held almost every month, and some of 2012 meetings will be face to face. We are happy to announce the following will attend the January NEA meeting taking place in Guatemala!

– Founding Board Members

Mike Barrett, CEO Unosquare
Alex Camino, VP Marketing & Communications Softtek
Cesar D’Onofrio, CEO Common Sense
DJ Edgerton, CEO Zemoga
Dawn Evans, CEO Sourcing Interests Group
Phil Fersht, CEO HfS Research
Doug Gattuso, President Neoris
Rony Lerner, VP Engineering Tripwire
Leonardo Mattiazzi, VP International Business Ci&T
Steve Rudderham, VP Global Deliver CapGemini
Julia Santos, Head of Global Business Optimization,Johnson & Johnson
Atul Vashistha, CEO NeoGroup (Chairman)

You can stay up-to-date with NEA activities by following its LinkedIn Group!