We want to share another team experience at Product Camp Austin 7!

Besides Cesar D’Onofrio, who gave his own expression about his experience in a previous post, Juan Diego Raimondi, Software Architect and Developer, attended the 7th edition of Product Camp in Austin.

This was the first time that Juan Diego was part of this un-conference. Here we share you some of his observations:

“Yesterday I had the chance to finally attend to one of the Product Camp un-conferences. Being in Austin, I managed to make some time to be present at some of the presentations. This is what I think so far.

AT&T Conference center

This was also my first time in the AT&T Conference center so I actually was surprise of how well prepared the place was to hold a set of conferences without lacking any of the facilities that one could ask for. I really enjoyed it, and it is placed on the most “universitary” part of town, so I think it’s placement couldn’t have been better.

ProductCamp introduction

After registering and greeting Cesar, Juan and Leandro we all sat down to listen to some introductory presentations given to greet us all and explain to us newcomers what this un-conference concept is all about. After doing so and introducing the sponsors as well, Thomas Singer took the stage and shook empowering everyone to go out and do social without being embarrassed about it. With lots of laughs and nice analogies, his point was correctly made and we headed for the different rooms for the first round of presentations…”

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