Common Sense is part of the “working group” of the Nearshore Executive Alliance that has been established by a set of Nearshore industry leaders and business executives. This group will endeavor to better collaborate in the Americas, create ethical standards, share best practices, build up thought leadership, and provide market education.

Thanks to Mike Barret initiative this working group was founded at the Nearsores America’s event: Nearshore Nexus on April 26th. There was nothing similar to promote best practises and ethical standards within member companies, to collaborate on marketing initiatives to better promote Latin America as a destination and to build key relationships with the market.

Additional goals of this organization include communicating the advantages of nearshore services and maintaining a culture of openness, creativity, and collaboration. This can be accomplished by providing thought leadership and access to the most accurate research on the LatAm regions.

The companies part of the working work are GroupoUSA, DNL Global, NextCoast Media, Unosquare, Tech Business Research, NeoGroup, The Harts Group, Nearsoft, Common Sense, Zemoga, Dextra Technologies, Sourcing Interest Group, Neoris, Softtek , Dell Services – LatAm, Highstone Associates, Johnson and Johnson, Stevens Institute of Technology, CI&T, CI&T, Global Gateway Solutions, Globant, Horses for Sources, CapGemini, Intellisys and Nearsof.

Cesar DOnofrio, our CEO, will represent Common Sense at the meetings of NEA’s director board. The first one will be on October 17th – 18th in Seattle, Washington. We will keep you informed of the latest news!

We are very proud to be part of NEA! Visit it’s Linkedin group.