The world is changing rapidly, while some sectors seem to cling to traditional ways of doing things. The global Digital spending in public safety market size was USD 11.9 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 42.21 billion in 2032 and register a rapid revenue CAGR of 15% during the forecast period. IDC Spending Guide sees worldwide digital transformation investments reaching $3.4 trillion in 2026.

The sector needs a change of mindset: to think in digital terms, modernize its applications, and use data to its advantage for crime prevention and case resolution, and in business terms, focus on aspects such as productivity, efficiency, performance, or user experience.

The cases of organizations and companies in the sector that have embarked on modernization and digital transformation are multiplying daily, which explains the development potential in this segment.

A case not to be missed

Recently, a pioneer in video surveillance and security tools, historically committed to the quality and performance of its solutions, realized that it needed to optimize its operations to improve its performance. Therefore, it decided to implement a comprehensive back office solution, create a dynamic platform for seamless access to security cameras, manage user roles and permissions, and experiment with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to incorporate new capabilities into its service.

The company wanted to implement a platform capable of detecting objects in video streams, generating accurate alarms, and generating AI models of selected objects for more intelligent surveillance. Thanks to the development of Making Sense, the result directly impacts the business. Among other benefits, higher customer satisfaction and greater accuracy in preventing problems are expected. In addition, since not all videos are stored and transmitted over the networks, but only those linked to suspicious events, a significant cost reduction could be achieved. Finally, a significant increase in the productivity of your employees is expected.

Safety in motion

On the other hand, a cloud software developer specialized in public safety companies contacted us to create a software-driven video system for police patrols. Our role in the project consisted of increasing the operation capacity, expanding the development team, and consolidating ourselves as strategic partners to achieve the objective.

The result? A system that allows police cars to store a large amount of HD video without the need to purchase additional equipment. It interacts with 3 HD cameras connected to a Black Box installed inside the vehicle. Thus, officers can record risky situations and collect evidence efficiently and inexpensively that can then be used in court. This not only improves the productivity and efficiency of police work, but also reduces costs and increases the transparency of the entire security and judicial system.

Along the same lines, we created an app for a company specializing in the provision of information for risk management that allows police personnel on the streets or on patrol to generate accident or incident reports quickly, in real-time and online. The improvement in this process was between 50% and 60%.

These are some of the many examples of how imposing a business and digital transformation mindset allows companies and public safety entities to improve the performance of their agents, officers, and collaborators, increase productivity, improve processes and, most importantly, generate value for citizens which, in this case, translates into nothing less than greater levels of peace of mind and trust.