Software development processes are synonymous with innovation, business growth, and user engagement. But they are also often associated with delays in delivery times, gaps between expectations and reality, and budget overruns.

The data supports the theory. The content portal specializing in new technologies, Gitnux, found that between 40% and 50% of software projects are delivered late and that 27% fail because the organization needs more resources or capabilities.

With all this in mind, we set out to leverage the benefits of connecting organizations to the opportunities of the digital world while minimizing the risks. UPLIFT is the answer. These are pre-built platforms, adaptable solutions integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that can be applied to different industries.

You can do away with long development cycles and costly investments. According to internal data, these solutions quadruple efficiency, reduce execution time by 55%, and cut costs by half.

Social media, fintech, healthcare

In principle, these solutions impact three of the most important industries. The first is to build a social media platform to take the customer’s business to new levels. In a world where connections transcend all borders, a social media strategy is essential to drive meaningful connections, enhance brand identity, adapt to changing market dynamics, or attract an audience.

The second targets the fintech segment: this platform enables technology-based financial companies to improve their business in a matter of weeks, instantly increasing customer experience, proposing responsive interfaces for registration and onboarding of new users, embracing efficiency, ensuring compliance with current regulations and, ultimately, realizing the organization’s full potential.

Finally, the third is a platform designed to enable companies in the healthcare industry to collect, automate, and standardize all documents and achieve unprecedented efficiency. This sector is characterized by being “drowned” in red tape, managing files in different formats, and suffering delays in service, loss of documents, or errors linked to manual data handling.

Efforts required for both the uploading and managing information and the standardization of data sources are streamlined, while improving workflows and laying the groundwork for digital transformation.

From months to weeks

In either case, the benefits range from a noticeable acceleration in the development process to a significant reduction in execution time and, consequently, increased profitability for the project.

You can wait months to see where a digital product development process ends. Or you can go for this pre-built platform solution and go into production to start generating revenue and user engagement in just weeks.

The road to digital product development is often fraught with obstacles. In this context, UPLIFT consolidates as a highway that quickly leads to success.