2021 was a challenging year. The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to individuals and organizations, and digital transformation was like never before at the center of the scene. To celebrate the end of this year, we have put together a list of posts we loved this year.

At Making Sense, we envision 2022 just as fast-paced and full of opportunities, where technology will continue to be the main protagonist. We will face challenges and overcome obstacles that arise and are confident that we have a great team.

1. URUS: The exciting (and tough) work of bringing hard data to life

2. How much you invest in UX is a sign of business maturity

3. Keep the user at the core of everything

4. Distinctive traits of an efficient development team

5. An unforgettable experience: Why UX is trending in 2021

6. Product Roadmap: How to align multiple teams

7. The two sides of sharing health data

8. Performance Engineering: one more step toward total software quality

9. Digital transformation in midsize companies: taking the first steps

10. How AI can add value in every stage of the PE investment cycle