When it comes to User Experience, there’s no shortage of web-based resources. We do believe that at least within development organizations, everyone should get involved in making the user experience the best it can be.

To that end, we’re sharing with you some of the best online resources we love to frequent. Some are blogs while others are collaborative and set up for user interaction. Either way, they’re helpful for anyone who has even a passing fancy for UX.

Who Should Read These UX Blogs?

And by the way, these are great blogs for anyone to read, not just pros or wannabes in the UX field. And within the product development environment, it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone that UX discussions can happen at any point during the development process. The entire organization, including Product Managers (PMs) and engineers, can take ownership of the experience, resulting in better UX.
With such a wide audience for UX topics, it helps to categorize our list of blogs by purpose. Pick yours and skip ahead to find out where to go for the best reading for your UX aspirations:

  1. Blogs for learning about UX
  2. Blogs to get you thinking deeply about UX
  3. Blogs for keeping up with trends and news
  4. Blogs for interacting with other design pros

1. Blogs That Teach You Something

  • UX Booth. For people already working as UX pros, this blog provides stimulating and informative posts on topics of professional concern. Written with educational intent, the posts range from helpful how-to’s to guidance on grappling with today’s top UX concerns.
  • Interaction Design Foundation. This is a heavyweight website as far as UX education goes. There are courses, certificates, and the whole shebang for anyone who’s serious about advancing their career. It’s a place to not only get gold-standard schooling in UX Design principles but also to connect with other pros in the field. It’s also a valuable resource for getting feedback on your work.

2. Blogs With Best Thought Pieces on UX

  • UX Collective. The founder of UX Collective is big on mentorship and, as such, often features posts about his experiences mentoring in the design/UX field. It’s a fun, fresh perspective, especially when he includes anecdotes from the frontlines of the industry: the mentees and what they experience as newbies in the field. Of course, the other articles in this curated collection are great, too.
  • Nielsen Norman Group. On the other end of the spectrum, we have NN/g, a research outfit spearheaded by three true pioneers of UX/UI (how many of us have been thinking about UX for two whole decades?). Read their blog for intelligent thought pieces, ground-breaking research, and useful tips and advice for professionals.

3. Blogs to Keep You In-the-Know

  • CoDesign. Part of the ubiquitous and famous Fast Company collection of magazine-style business blogs, CoDesign is a must-read for staying on top of current topics. Just reading the headlines is a lesson in what’s trending and how today’s brightest design bloggers are seeing things.

4. Blogs for Networking/Sharing/Hiring

  • Dribble. Here’s a site where designers across the entire spectrum of experience can showcase their work (and, more importantly, receive feedback). The administrators have done a great job of preventing the site from becoming an advertising free-for-all. Submissions are genuinely inspiring and comments offer constructive criticism (or, in many cases, constructive praise!). And we have our own account!
  • Behance. Another showcase website, Behance offers inspiration in the form of curated collections of great projects. Around here in the offices of Making Sense, we love the fact that you can search by tool… meaning if you’d like to see what people are up to on Photoshop Sketch or Adobe Illustrator these days, simply filter and sort.

Don’t Forget the Making Sense Blog, Too!

We hope your team enjoys this compilation of the 7 best UX blogs to follow. There’s one more for the list: our own blog. Each week, we try and cover the topics you’ll find most helpful… not just the topics you’ve seen everywhere out there but real, fresh insight from our team members.

Find interviews, book reviews, and event recaps all right here on the blog. Hope to see you soon!