Once again we’re looking inward at our company and interviewing another member of the Making Sense team. Today it’s Matias Beckerle’s turn.

As Senior Advanced developer at our company, Matias is deeply involved in our community and in the coding community in general. He started his career chasing his dream, which was to learn how to develop video games. After two years studying to become a programmer, he started taking his first steps as a full-fledged developer.

After five years of experience, Matias started working at Making Sense, where he continues to grow year by year and project by project. I really enjoyed the interview and I must confess that he is a very good teammate!

Before we delve into his advice for the new generation of coders and more, let’s take a look at what makes this developer tick…

Mati, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I really enjoy playing video games, reading, listening to music. And the latest series I watched on TV? Dark, an outstanding German thriller, and Stranger Things.

Music preferences? Heavy metal & Pop. Yes, I am the worst.

Apart from these loner activities, I also love to spend my spare time with my friends and my partner, going out for drinks. And of course, at the top of my list is traveling. I really love to get to know different cultures and countries. And this is something that I aim to continue doing.

Cutting to the chase, why do you feel so attracted to this coding and techie world?

I think that this world offers you the capability of using all your creativity to do different things. It gives you the opportunity to constantly keep growing and learning new things. I love learning everything I can about new technologies.

My job here at Making Sense allows me to enjoy all the benefits that come from intense collaboration with great minds. Working with my mates on a project in common that lasts for a considerable time… that’s professional heaven.

Finally, what attracts me the most is the chance that I have of creating an app that affords a certain value to our community.

Which are the main characteristics that, by your criteria, a developer should have?

  • Curiosity and a strong desire to learn
  • The capacity to listen to everything around you
  • Patience is very important
  • Having an open mind. You have to have the capacity of doubting even yourself…in this way you will be always learning new and better ways of solving things.

The devs community all have something in common: we are willing to collaborate with each other if needed. We share our coding, we exchange ideas, and love attending events. This is because, for every person that codes, you will find something in common. Some of our commonalities even have nothing to do with work. For example, if you happen to attend an event and you get to know 10 different people, you’ll probably find that 9 of them are big fans of Star Wars..I don’t know why, but it is really great!

Can you identify any challenges in this profession?

Every day is a special day full of challenges, and if they are technical issues, even better for me! I love them! But one of the most important things and what I like most, is that every day in our job, there is an opportunity to create something different. Every day we have to solve different problems.

One of the main differences between this extraordinary profession and others is that today we are witnessing extremely fast growth of tech stacks and hardware is changing daily… so every single day, we have a new range of exciting possibilities.

Tip from an expert: When you do not understand something, ask again.

If I had to describe him, I would say Matias is a curious guy who’s always eager to learn more and more.

Wanna know an interesting fact? Matias does not believe in labels. He is not the person who might describe himself as a Back-end developer or Front-end developer, or Fullstack. He is a programmer, period. He thinks that labeling the profession puts developers in boxes and limits them. He believes in being a self-taught person who can think out of the box in order to create outstanding solutions.

Please feel free to connect with him on social media and continue to learn more about him :) Linkedin and Twitter.