Once again we’re tapping into our company resources with another teammate interview. Today it’s Nazareno Oviedo’s turn, so we asked him all about his role as an UX Developer at Making Sense. To begin, a few basics: he’s from Mar del Plata, and he’s a lover of tango and National music. He plays the piano and the guitar and he’s curious about learning new things every day.

As for his professional life, Nazareno graduated from Universidad Nacional Tecnológica when he was 25 years old. Currently, he’s part of the UX/UI team for one of our partners’ projects.

N: How long have you been here and how did you get started at Making Sense?

I have been working here for about 3 years. I started working as a developer in an area of the company where the main focus is on our Email Marketing product, Doppler. After a year and a half working there, I had the chance to start working as an UX developer. This represented a challenge for me, since there were lots of new concepts and methods to adapt to. One of the things I really appreciate about Making Sense is the professional growth opportunity that this company provides, and I’m a clear example of that.

N: Tell me about “the musts” that every developer should have.

I think that common sense is one of the main characteristics a developer should have. The ability to analyze a situation from different perspectives while perceiving and understanding others’ points of views is very important- Why? Because possessing common sense will help you make better overall decisions, independent of the specific project on which you are currently involved. If you have common sense, you have a better chance of delivering a higher quality product.

N: Tell me about your approach to UX. How did it evolve?

At the beginning of my career, I performed as a Front End developer and little by little, I started leaning into the User Interface (UI) side of things. UI is very close to UX because both have a special focus on the user and how he interacts with an app. Making Sense merged those areas and created the User Experience Department. This department combines UI developers and UX designers, which is key in software development, since it allows us to improve on everything we deliver in multiple ways.

Plus, I think this merge is essential since it allows us to get feedback from both sides: people who think about the development of the flow of a system, and developers who carry out what the UX designer envisions for that app.

By working together, we acquire knowledge from both sides, and that’s something that makes me very happy, because I’m constantly learning. This allows us to know and manage expectations and to discuss whether something is feasible to develop or not. Finally, everyone’s time is optimized because the developer is doing something he knows is feasible.

N: What do you like most about your job?

The challenges. I enjoy continuously seeking innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

N: What has been the most important challenge in your career?
Developing Lander‘s site was a good one! Happily, we won an award (see http://www.awwwards.com/sites/landerapp)! But it was a challenge in terms of new technologies and new tools. Challenges come about daily and I love to find a solution for any problem that might arise.

One of the things I emphasize in our day-to-day work is that we have a golden opportunity here, of relating with people who are different, who think different, and who have different approaches to the same problem. That gives you valuable experience as well as the exciting possibility of having a different obstacle every time you sit at your computer. We are always thinking about new projects, with new animations. There is not a day that you do not learn something new here… and that’s very fulfilling.

I hope you enjoyed reading Nazareno’s interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing him. He is yet another Making Senser who works hard to transform your ideas into great software products. We are happy to help you get to know our team better. We’ll keep you posted with upcoming interviews!