One particularly difficult obstacle in outsourcing IT work to India is that the time difference between India and the States makes collaborations between teams extremely difficult. You pretty much have to communicate entirely through email, which makes the turnover process at least twice as long on projects. Nearshore outsourcing to Argentina, on the other hand, helps eliminate those difficulties because of Argentina’s close proximity to America.

Time Benefits of Argentina Nearshoring

Argentina outsourcing is easier when it comes to collaboration because the country’s time zone is only two hours ahead of the East Coast and five hours ahead of the West Coast during Daylight Savings Time. This makes real-time communications that much easier, as opposed to the 14 hour time difference in India. That way, you don’t have to rely solely on email communications to talk to your team–nearshore outsourcing ensures you can to speak to them immediately.

Close Proximity Means a Streamlined Team

Another benefit of the similar time zone is that it allows you to streamline the construction of your team. With offshore outsourcing, you generally need two project leaders: one who will remain offsite and one who comes onsite, which can be inefficient as far as communications goes. On top of that, you start to lose even more efficiency if any more than 60% of the team is offsite, which means bringing more people over to the States than you might prefer.

However, Argentina outsourcing lets you have just one project leader who can travel back and forth between both sites. Not only is there greatly reduced jet lag because of the similarities in time zone, but also flights are much shorter and more frequent between Latin America and the States, as opposed to between the States and India. Additionally, nearshoring allows you to have as much as 80% of the team remain offsite because of the increased ease of communications.

Nearshoring Saves You Time

As you can see, nearshore outsourcing provides many time benefits for managing an offsite team. Collaborating with your nearshore team is made much easier by Argentina’s close time zone, and the comparatively short travel time between America and Argentina allows for better structuring of a team. It’s a seemingly small benefit, but can make all the difference in the long run.