Just imagine the things you could accomplish in a week. Even despite the small time window, the possibilities for bolstering your business’s abilities seem nearly endless. Now, imagine you could take those days and devote them to improving your company’s software product or app and enhancing the experience users have with your brand. Seems a little daunting, right?

With Making Sense’s One Consulting Week UX, your organization can achieve just that: improving a product that not only gels with your enterprise’s requirements and goals, but one that will deliver a usable, effective and enjoyable experience for your customers.

There are studies that show that a good UX, increases the conversions, engagement and profits. Improves brand perception, Google search rankings and also reduces the costs of development and support. If the user can have an easy, effective and enjoyable experience while interacting with your product, it’s a win.

We should have in mind that bad UX means a net loss of users, and with that, a net loss of business.

How Making Sense can help you improve your UX?

The most important base of Making Sense’s vision is UX as a fundamental discipline, applying this user-oriented process in both, the front end as well as in the whole development stages.

We develop products that are usable, desirable, accessible, effective and user-friendly and that is our main guidance. And besides, we have product expertise, since we are creators of the two Making Sense products: Doppler and Lander

Oftentimes, consumers draw their first impressions of a company from its website or application. For this reason, shouldn’t you ensure that they are beautifully designed while still providing value to users?

Let’s take a look at the Making Sense One Week UX Service, including what the process entails and how it can help your business reach its goals and better connect with customers.

What is the One Week UX?

This is a Consulting Service that lasts only 5 days. Our interdisciplinary team is formed by experts in Conversion, Business Analysts, Content Strategists, UX Specialists, Usability Analysts, Information Architects and UI Designers.

In this 5 days, we held an in depth analysis of your app or software product. We get to know your organization and its main objectives, allowing us to suggest improvements in your product’s design that will benefit the business as well as its customers. In order to do this, the experts take the following steps:

  • Day 1: Kick off meeting.
  • Day 2: Discovery: During this part of the process, we learn about your company and its needs through research about what differentiates it from the competition and what would be ideal for its goals. Over the course of the Discovery phase, we conduct stakeholder interviews, audit the brand and its content, analyze the behaviors and activities of customers and competitors, and examine the company’s current platform and technology.
  • Day 3 and 4: Planning and work: This step also entails ideation, when team members put their heads together to come up with a solution that will address your business’s requirements in the best possible way.
  • Day 5: Delivery: This final stage offers solutions, and we deliver wireframes, papers, flows and analytics.

This is a dynamic 5 day process that depends on the type of product or service we analyse and the types of pitfall or issues that we find.

Are you ready to start?

The Making Sense team devotes itself to establishing a product that will support consumer demands while helping your brand stand apart in the industry.

As Jakob Nielsen once said: “Usability rules the web. Simply stated, if the customer can’t find a product, then he or she will not buy it.”

We improve your software product UX, and you provide your user with a new way to connect, interact and communicate.

To better know some examples of our UX consulting Service, contact us!