Technology is evolving very quickly and we have to become aware of the impact that this has in our company. We have to adapt ourselves to the new rhythms of our clients without losing the quality of the work that we are offering. Solutions, proposals, projects and ideas have to be rapidly presented to our customer. Businesses have become more user-oriented rather than product-oriented.

But what if I tell you that in Latin America you can find these concepts converging in a great plan, using Agile and Lean methods? Quality, effectiveness and fast delivery of software projects are big concepts that have become part of the daily work of many companies. Making Sense, CI&T and Dextra Technologies will gather in the webinar from The Nearshore Executive Alliance (NEA), “Leveraging the Benefits of Nearshore for Agile and Lean”.
Get immersed in this world and get to know more about the benefits of Nearshore for Agile and Lean and its contribution to cost-reduction and better time-to-market, visibility and problem-solving mentality. This webinar will be held on November 18th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET and you can register easily!

Juan De Abreu, VP, Director of Client Services at Making Sense, Luis Saldaña, VP Business Development & CTO at Dextra Technologies and Felipe Brito, Business Director at CI&T are going to explain us how their LatAm companies make use of the Agile-Lean engine methods, and why the results are both effective and extraordinary.

The fruits of a growing up desire

It is well known that Nearshore Outsourcing has its benefits, such as sharing the same time zone, the same working day, a similar business culture and the most important thing is that it offers a high quality of technical professionals. On account of this, the NEA was created, the first non profit organization founded by a broad selection of Nearshore industry leaders and business executives from across Latin America, whose passion and commitment boosted them to increase development and sustainability in the region.

NEA was founded with the objective of raising awareness about the capabilities that the Americas offer and increasing the use of the Nearshore delivery model. Among the activities that NEA develops, setting a strategic direction for the industry, sharing their best practices, enabling collaboration, and developing international partnerships and affiliations, can be highlighted.
Networking, proactive networking and collaborative initiatives offers, are some of the benefits that you have as an IT company, when becoming part of this organization.

Nearshore, innovation and Agile methods

These are three powerful words in the software area that combined are a clear way to success! The already mentioned advantages of nearshoring outsourcing, plus the power of the Agile methodologies and Lean principles, and the fact that the three mentioned Latin America companies are driven by cutting edge technologies and innovation, favourably positioned them in this successful pathway.

Making Sense is proud to be part of the NEA and to continue providing software products and projects that stand out for their quality. Our professionals’ commitment, dedication and passion make us proud to be present in this webinar presenting our VidTac success story.
If you have a great idea, we can help you turn it into a software project by making use of Agile methodology, contact us!