Looking for innovation and the application of new technologies is just a typical day here at Making Sense, and that’s one of the main reasons why I love working here! We (developers) love learning through the latest IT trends, experiencing and using new devices and programs.

In this post I will share my experience while participating in Making Sense Technological Challenges. I’ll share about my biggest issues I encountered and the final outcome of this amazing experience.

How it all began…

It all started last January 2014 when Making Sense gave us the opportunity to choose a new technology device and develop an innovative game or software for it. At first, I thought the best thing to try was Google Glass, but then, after a little research I realized the ideas I had were way too complicated to make them work in such a short period of time. However, ultimately it was a good choice not choosing Google Glass after all, because one of my teammates decided to took that device and came up with an amazing “GlassPeriment”!

Another technology that was on my list of options was Leap Motion. A small device that stands in front of your computer allowing you to move things with hand movement, taking User Experience to a whole new level.

As I’ve been an avid gamer since as far back as I can remember, I thought this was the perfect chance to mix video games with one of the latest cutting-edge technologies. In order to try out this new gadget I had to choose a game, and what better choice than my own creation Shannox!

That gaming project was developed together with two teammates during last March of 2014. It was such a rewarding experience to create, design and develop my own game. In Shannox you play as a space bombardier, fighting over planets and space platforms in a retro-like universe.

Leap Motion Controller

How Leap Motion Works

Leap Motion announced its controller in May 2012. This motion-sensing gadget connects directly to your laptop or PC using a USB cable and it tracks your hand gestures in real time. This technology works with custom-designed software to understand what you’re doing. You can point, you can wave, you can reach for objects on the screen and grab them, even pick them up and move them. Yes, amazing as it sounds, it really was all that and more!

Main Highlights of the Project

  • Create a Trello for tasks, dividing them by areas
  • Develop core gameplay mechanics that could be used with Leap Motion
  • Tweak the physics and gravity to simulate the feeling of real space, using them as core mechanics
  • Learn (a little) about shaders
  • Try to create an identity with the game aesthetics.
  • Find some software and drivers problems: device overheats, sudden disconnections, device not being recognizable and also some models exportations problem

My likes and dislikes

At the beginning, I thought I would be head over heels in love with every aspect of this new technology, but during the developing process, I met with a few drawbacks.


  • The device is really fun and entertaining. When people try it for the first time they’ll go ‘wow, really? just with your hands?’. It’s amazing
  • The controller is easy to set up
  • Works with Windows and Mac and any size display


  • During the developing process, I had to update several times the drivers. The computer didn’t always recognize the device
  • Overheating issues
  • Sensor doesn’t always register hand position properly

Shannox on Leap Motion

Summing up

In general, I think Leap Motion is a great technology to try out and have fun with, but in its current state I don’t find it very useful.
In addition to the technical issues I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the experience of working with cutting-edge technologies. It gave me the opportunity to learn through experimentation, being involved in every single aspect of the design and development of the project.
This kind of experience pushes us further and encourages us to keep innovating, which ends up in the creation of new and amazing things.
Last but not least, this challenge allowed me to learn more about other people work methodologies and ideas, and different ways to apply them in my everyday work.

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