Cesar DOnofrio at CNN

As many of you know Making Sense has been noted many times for innovation in software development. We are committed to making a positive difference in the countries in which we operate. Though our company has its headquarters in the United States, we have a very strong presence in Latin America.

In a recent interview with CNN our CEO Cesar DOnofrio explained the benefits of VidTac, the law enforcement industry’s first fully-integrated high-definition software-driven video system for patrol cars. VidTac is the result of the collaborative efforts of Making Sense and COPsync, which operates the United States’ largest real-time law enforcement information sharing, communication and data interoperability network.

During the interview Cesar explained how he has been contacted by and is now working with several Latin American cities to provide them the same technological innovation behind VidTac, so they can apply it to their own efforts to increase public safety.

 Making Sense plans to use this technology to aid municipalities involved in the Smarter Cities project. The goal behind this ambitious undertaking is to use the power of technology to make cities safer, more prosperous and more desirable places to live.

The technology behind VidTac has revolutionized police car video. It offers state-of-the-art geolocation and mapping capabilities. It can be used to help power 911 dispatch and emergency command centers. It can provide monitoring and surveillance of public venues, bringing about a greater level of crowd safety.

DOnofrio invited businesses and public safety officials in the US, Latin America and beyond that who have a need for custom software and want to learn more about the services and products to visit the company’s website and its blog as well.