Making Sense at Outsource2LAC

At Making Sense we seek to be a positive influence in the software development industry, for that reason we always want to be present in every single technology, software or leadership event we can. We have a commitment to excellence that starts at the top and permeates every department.

This time we had the amazing opportunity to be part of Outsource2LAC in Buenos Aires, Argentina, held on November 20-21. This event provides an extraordinary opportunity for different companies to learn about current trends in the global outsourcing industry and to be able to identify business opportunities. It has the attendance of many regional and international companies and Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies, looking for inspiration, new ideas and projects to work on.

Nancy Medica, CMO at Making Sense and our VP, Global Operations, Sergio Andueza represented Making Sense at this popular outsourcing offshoring summit, where they had the chance to attend and take advantage of interesting meetings and also to interact with a lot of business people from all over the world.

The ultimate objective was not only to network and engage with potential clients and trading partners, but also to listen to the most influential professionals from the industry.

Some key ideas highlighted by the main speakers at this event included:

  • It is important for countries to have economic stability and support from the government. These are key aspects investors look at when they must choose among different countries for overseas investment.
  • Human capital is very important. Those countries with a large pool of creative, talented  and educated professionals will attract investors. Innovation is also a key factor when investors make a decision of whether or not to invest on a specific country.
  • Bilingualism, high level of educated professionals and cultural affinity are important factors for foreign companies to outsource jobs to its citizens.

It was such a great experience for us to participate in this exciting event! We are present in these kind of conferences because we want to lead a company that provides outstanding work for its clients. If you like to learn more about us, our products or services please contact us at