Connecting Schools

Here at Making Sense, we strive to not only be a part of the community, but a giving part of the community. During the holidays, we took our “More Give, Less Take” campaign to the “María Madre de los Niños” Children’s shelter. Now, we are continuing our campaign with School number 67, Francisco Scarpati, located in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Technology is a huge part of everyday life, both at home and in the workplace. Having access to current technology not only helps students with their communication skills, but opens up a new world of possibilities for their future. Kids are no longer limited to the time they spend in school to learn. Every time they use technology (even in play or recreational use) they are learning how to use software and hardware, as well as ways to make things work better. You can check out all the pictures taken at the visit and uploaded to our facebook page!

Because we see the importance of student access to current technology, we partnered with School Number 67 Francisco Scarpati for a new giving back campaign. Earlier this month, we donated a large quantity of technology to the school, including webcams, headsets, and computers. All of this equipment is for student use; to help them learn, engage, and communicate with current technology.


While we certainly understand the importance of technology in school and in the business world, it is also so important to us that the students see the human benefits of technology. Items like webcams have made it much easier to connect with friends and loved ones no matter where they are in the world, and we want students to experience that interaction as well.

It is a great honor for us to work with the students at School Number 67. As a public institution, it can be tough to come by new and current technology for the students, and it is so important to us that we step up and offer our assistance to a school as wonderful as School Number 67.


The visit was also an opportunity to discuss some new project proposals with the school’s principal Sandra Liliana Gonzalez. Making Sense presented the “Connecting School” project so children from Mar del Plata, Argentina can have a video-conference with children from a rural school in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Making Sense is working on this project in conjunction with TO2Network, a leader company in interactive journalism strongly committed to promote the use of technology at rural schools in Latin America.

It is our goal to improve learning and achievement among urban and rural students of all ages! E-Learning is the key for geographically isolated students to access digital information and bring learning to students wherever they are. We are committed to keep our schools competitive!

E-Learning: Ready to Help?

If you are interested in helping the School number 67 send us an email to Let’s all keep up our generosity this 2013 and collaborate to make the world a better place!