Rackspace cloud for Windows 8 app

Rackspace is one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based computing services. It provides enterprise-level hosting for businesses large and small all around the globe. Since its founding in 1998, the company has grown exponentially, and now has over 190,000 customers, offering each one cutting-edge technology tailored to their individual, specific needs.

The company has also gained a well-deserved reputation for fanatical support that differentiates it in a big way from competitors. This level of service is enjoyed by Rackspace customers not only when they call for technical support. Rather, it permeates every aspect of the Rackspace customer experience, from sales, to billing, to tech support, to ease of use of its products.

In keeping with their philosophy of offering fanatical service and support, the company is committed to providing simple, intuitive User Interfaces in its cutting edge applications in order to facilitate outstanding user experiences.

Solving A Big Problem

Rackspace cloud for Windows 8 app

Last year, Rackspace was facing a big challenge. The company was preparing to host the cloud-based version of Windows 2012. It needed a top of the line new client application for Windows 8 to allow its users to seamlessly access and administer their cloud servers and files through their Open Cloud network. It needed an application that would offer its customers an enjoyable User Experience.

The company has a sterling reputation for fanatical support, service and User Experience that it was determined to keep intact. Therefore, it was imperative that Rackspace have their new app ready to roll out to its customers by Microsoft’s scheduled launch of Windows 8.

To help with the design and implementation of their new Windows 8 app for PCs and tablets, it was critical that they choose the right company to partner with. The success of this project was vitally important.

They needed a software development company that offered creativity, technical expertise and a commitment to service that matched their own commitment to their customers. They needed to partner with a company that offered extensive, proven experience creating applications in a Windows 8 environment.

They wisely chose to partner with Making Sense, a company with a unique ability to successfully develop a Windows 8 application capable of helping Rackspace’s customers efficiently, quickly and seamlessly managing their Cloud accounts remotely.

It’s fitting that Rackspace – given its commitment to fanatical support – would partner with Making Sense, a company equally driven to provide great service and go above and beyond to not only meet, but exceed its clients’ expectations.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are vitally important to the success of an application. Benefits of a simple, intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI and a pleasant UX include

  • Enthusiastic acceptance by end users
  •  Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Drastic reduction in number of user errors and related costs
  • Improvements in user satisfaction and morale

It’s important that you choose the right company to develop your applications. The applications themselves also matter. They can help your operation be much more successful, or they can be a serious drain on your productivity, and even your bottom line.

All of the above benefits were important to Cole Humphreys, Product Marketing Manager for Rackspace, and his team. As this video shows, the app Making Sense created for Rackspace delivered as promised. It’s remarkably intuitive and simple to use.

The result of Making Sense‘s production process was a custom Windows 8 application that offered a number of new and improved features, as well as increasing the ease with which Rackspace’s users can access and manage their cloud-based services. Among many other very useful capabilities, users are now able to quickly and easily add or delete multiple cloud servers simultaneously

  • Reboot, rename, resize and rebuild virtual servers
  • Update servers
  • Change root passwords
  • Manage backup schedules
  • Add or delete multiple cloud servers simultaneously

The end result held true to Making Sense‘s track record of delivering outstanding, simple to use products and exceeding expectations, both for their clients like Rackspace and for their clients’ end users.

Going Above And Beyond

Making Sense‘s highly skilled, creative, agile, professional development team demonstrated a passion for excellence that was impressive, to say the least. Not only did they deliver a first-class app with a clean, simple User Interface and an equally impressive User Experience, they delivered it in record time – only 45 days!

Making Sense delivered a Windows 8 app that not only exceeded Rackspace’s expectations for User Interface and User Experience excellence, they did it on time and on budget!

This quick turnaround time insured that Rackspace and Making Sense were able to present their exciting new Windows 8 app at the prestigious, world famous Microsoft Build Conference in October, 2012 and then again at the DevConnections Conference in Las Vegas, USA.

Here’s what Cole Humphreys had to say about his very pleasant experience of working with Making Sense:

“Their technical acumen was demonstrated in taking the information and delivering results…they delivered an excellent product, at a fair price in a remarkable amount of time”.

In Making Sense‘s partnership with Rackspace, they created a revolutionary application, one that can be used on PCs, but is also designed for mobile touchscreen devices, an app that allows Rackspace’s customers to quickly access and easily manage their cloud resources from virtually anywhere. Making Sense is at the forefront of the mobile app revolution.

It Matters Which Software Development Company You Choose!

When you are in the market for a new software application for your company and customers, it’s critical that you choose the right company. You need a win-win partnership with a very capable development firm with a proven track record of delivering easy-to-use applications noted for their outstanding User Interface and User Experience.

Making Sense specializes in solving problems for their clients who need high performance software applications for a reasonable investment with a rapid turnaround time. When Rackspace needed a new Windows 8 app for their customers to access their Open Cloud network, and they needed it delivered in a very brief time span, they chose Making Sense. Making Sense solved a pressing problem for Rackspace. They can do the same thing for your company.

When you are investing in a crucial software development project, you need a company that can get the job done quickly, expertly and at a fair price. You want to enjoy the same kind of stellar results Rackspace enjoyed.

To find out how Making Sense can save you time and money with your application development and maintenance, while providing you an excellent software product – an application that provides a clean, simple, uncluttered User Interface and a superb User Experience, an application your users will love and will thank you for, contact them today at hello@makingsense.com!

Cole Humphreys and his team at Rackspace are ecstatic that they chose to partner with Making Sense for the design, development and rollout of their new Windows 8 app for accessing and managing Windows 2012 through the Cloud. More information is available in our testimonial page.

Rackspace cloud for Windows 8 app

Will You Be The Next Making Sense Success Story?

But Rackspace is definitely not Making Sense’s only success story. There are many more! You can now watch Making Sense’s exciting success stories, like the one Rackspace experienced and continues to enjoy, online. You can learn more about them on our case studies page.

Will your company be next? Making Sense wants to help you enjoy a wildly successful software or app development project. Let’s get started making you our next big success story! Contact us today at hello@makingsense.com!