Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in our culture

Here at Making Sense we strive to cultivate an inclusive workplace everywhere we operate. The company was founded in 2006 and has over 120 employees who work in different offices located in the United States, Argentina and Mexico.

Making Sense’s most well-known products include Doppler™, the most widely used and recognized email marketing tool in Latin America, which allows users to create, send, analyze and optimize their email marketing campaigns in a very simple, fast and effective way; and also Lander™, a tool that enables the creation of awesome landing pages in mere minutes.

In the last couple of years, Making Sense’s applications have acquired new representation offices in Chile, Colombia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Spain. Doppler is also responsible for the organization of a free and international marketing event online known as EMMS aimed at helping Email Marketing, Social Media and Digital Marketing experts achieve success. This 2013 the EMMS is going international and will be taking place in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

Here we embrace diversity both internally and externally, and always make sure to employ individuals with unique knowledge and backgrounds. Making Sensers from Brazil, Spain, Argentina, United States, etc work in our company and are involved in lots of cool tasks that help us provide innovative products and great services to our diverse customer base. Every background, unique past experience, and new ideas brought by Making Sensers and shared with the rest of our team help us to create the diverse culture we have today.

Our Global Community: Intellectual curiosity and passionate perspectives

Our Global Community: Intellectual curiosity and passionate perspectives

At our offices we love learning from and hearing about the cultures in which we work. In the past few years we have welcomed interns from Spain, France, Brazil and the United States. We value and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the varied perspectives and talents they provide. We have an inclusive work environment and actively embrace a diversity of different peoples, ideas, talents and experiences.

Thanks to the agreement “Fomento de San Sebastián,” promoted by the “Development and Economic Promotion of the Donostia city in San Sebastián, Spain” and in conjunction with the Polo IT Buenos Aires, and the Chamber of Software and IT Services Companies of Argentina (CESSI), this year we welcomed two interns from San Sebastian, Spain. They worked with us here at Making Sense for a period of six months, sharing their unique customs and ideas.

Also this month we proudly incorporated Renato Silva Rodrigues, who is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and will be working in the Marketing department as our Marketing Representative BR, in our new Mar del Plata office. Renato has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication at the University Estadual Paulista, from Brazil as well as bringing a combined 3 years of experience working in the USA, Argentina and Brazil.

At Making Sense we are convinced that a diverse workplace made up of employees of different races, genders, abilities, ages and cultural differences enriches the quality of our work environment. Only 7 short months ago we also welcomed Eric Pfeiffer to our Mar del Plata office in Argentina. Eric, who originally comes from Effingham, Illinois, has joined the Lander team as a sales and customer support agent. We think he is doing an amazing job at forging the best communication possible with Lander’s clients while assisting and guiding them to necessary practical solutions. Eric’s tasks at Lander include account management, as well as assisting with app features, FAQs, or a client’s interest in opening a new subscription with Lander. “He is constantly trying to make himself as available and helpful as possible to everyone. It is an honor to have Eric on our team” said Fernando Florez, Marketing Manager at Lander.

We are more than happy to have new people onboard from other cultures sharing their passion with us and their past life experiences from abroad. We strongly believe each cultural group brings with them their unique vision, wisdom, values and strengths that will enhance the foundation of our company with the global community.

Diversity makes Making Sense a better company, by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, experiences and life responsibilities! So, would you be interested in helping us foster a truly collaborative workplace? We are always looking for new folks with new talents to join our team! So If you are a developer, QA, designer, or love creating content for marketing posts, please send us your CV to careers@makingsense.com