Lander Case Study

Over a year ago Making Sense wanted to complement its first product for online marketers, Doppler, an email marketing tool, with a landing page creation platform.

With developers in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Tandil and Tucuman, Argentina, as well as support and operational personnel in San Antonio and Austin, Texas Lander was finally created.

The new tool was a fully-functional, self-contained, landing page platform that enabled online marketers to create their own landing pages with drag and drop simplicity.

As a software development company with a team of highly qualified professionals Making Sense continues assisting lots of professionals to send successful Email Marketing campaigns and creating beautiful and effective landing pages in minutes.

The creation of Lander was an enriching process. Take a moment to read our new Case Study and learn more about the creation of this powerful tool offering amazing features and advocated to user experience.

Hands in action

As we all know a good idea always needs lots of brainstorming and that is exactly what our CEO Cesar DOnofrio, CPO Nacho Caldentey and Chief Ideation Officer, Jonathan Baldovino did back in 2010.

Their idea was to drive targeted online conversions and create a new landing-page offering marketing professionals an easy-to-use, powerful tool for their online campaigns.

At its beginning Lander original features included functional layouts, A/B testing, Email Marketing and CRM integration. However, to better fit its customer usability needs and achieve an excellent User Experience Lander added Mobile Version, Google Analytics, Integration, Welcome Email,Confirmation Pages making the tool more effective for its users.

Let’s take a moment and look in detail to some of Lander Key features:

  • Drag and drop editor to easily design a new landing page without the need to rely on Photoshop, CSS or HTML
  • Ready to-go templates for marketers who are in a hurry and need a base to start from
  • A/B split testing, with the ability to launch up to three different versions of a landing page to compare and choose the most effective combination of conversion elements
  • A dashboard for marketers to easily track visitors and conversions, and A/B split test results.
  • Tool Integration where marketers can easily integrate 3rd party tools, such as email marketing and CRM.

Lander keeps growing

Although Lander is a great tool, the team behind it keeps working hard to create New features, more integrations and new landing page templates.

In the near future, Lander will also be launching its own Agency Model. This program will be a great option for those clients who use Lander everyday and are required to manage multiple accounts.

For news and updates on Lander don’t forget to visit Lander’s blog where you will find updated news and be able to register for new webinars!

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