On March 20, 2013 nearly 1,300 attendees arrived at the Cobb Galleria in the Technology association of Georgia (TAG) in Atlanta, to participate in the Georgia Technology Summit (GTS). Among the many entrepreneurs who arrived at the event as early as 6:30 AM were Making Sense’s CEO Cesar DOnofrio and our new VP Business Development, Robert Matthews.

Cesar DOnofrio, Robert Matthews & Ray Kurzweil at GTS 2013

This 2013 all attendees were able to participate in a showcase featuring the top technology conferences in Georgia where diverse speakers inspired and educated them. This particular year the GTS was characterized for speakers known as real leaders in technology and innovation including Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet, Matt Quinlan, CTO of Google, and the recognizable Ray Kurzweil who is director of engineering at Google and has received the 1999 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the nation’s highest honor in technology. Companies that drew especially large crowds of attendees included Merlin Mobility and Parkmobile.

Cesar and Rob met with the executives from each top company to learn more about current .Net, mobile and Augmented Reality innovation. They also met Tino J. Mantella, president of the Technology Association of Georgia, which hosts the conference, and learned about the demand for application developers and FTE hiring recruitment cycles of up to six months. He also cited logistics as one of the areas where Georgia leads the nation’s technology pack, along with mobility, financial technology, information security and health information technology.

They also had a chance to meet and talk with best selling author and member of the Inventor Hall of Fame, Ray Kurzweil who took a moment and looked at the history of innovation analyzing technological breakthroughs.

Bob Metcalfe on the other hand, the inventor of ethernet, focused on energy and how it is part of the innovation. He also remarked that these days the Internet is adjusting the balance of education, obligating universities to reform they curricula and respond to the new technology tendencies.

TAG’s Conference Highlights

This year the Georgia Technology Summit unfolded to the world that entrepreneurship is transforming innovation and growing strong in Atlanta and all around the world. Cesar DOnofrio for example, has been advocated to raise awareness for the Nearshore Model and helped many U.S. companies to discover the potential of the Argentine tech sector.

Since it was founded in 2006, Making Sense has dedicated its efforts to offering excellent software strategic services, as means of creating long and lasting relationships between companies and their clients. The company is strongly committed to create applications that are enjoyable for users and profitable for partners implementing cutting edge technologies. It is for this reason that before attending the Georgia conference DOnofrio participated in the SXSW Festival, an inspiring event that fosters innovation, creativity, and interaction.

According to what Mantella stated at the conference tech companies have announced that they will invest $2.7 billion into Georgia over the next five years in headquarters, research, data and production facilities, generating an incredible amount of new job openings. Looking at this statistics we can conclude that Georgia’s tech sector continues to grow together with its economy.

It was a very enriching experience for Making Sense to look at glace at the world’s innovation landscape. Georgia is no doubt continuing its rise as an international hub for logistics and technology and we can’t wait to to attend next year conference!

Take advantage of information about what is happening today in the Georgia Technology Sector visiting 2013 State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia Report. Also, If you would like to learn more about what Rob or Cesar learned about Application Development hiring, Mobile development or Augmented reality please contact us at hello@makingsense.com

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