Are you ready for The Challenge? The two technology giants Facebook Inc. and Microsoft have come together to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity! On November 27th from 9 AM and continuing all day at Universidad del CEMA in Buenos Aires both companies together will be hosting the free “Facebook Challenge”.

The event is aimed to gather the most innovative tools in Windows 8 applications development. The idea is to integrate HTML5 to the Facebook API for the development of apps that can run native in Windows 8.

Facebook Challenge is organized by “Meet the Dev”, a new group of developers whose main goal is to show examples on how to working with a variety of technologies in different work environments.

Why should I participate?

Since it was launched the 26th of October, Windows 8 has revolutionized technology providing its users with an innovative user interface design. Today, Windows 8 is centered towards improving users experience on tablet computers and touchscreen devices.

But, what does this really mean for app. developers? This means that today, application developers have a full range of possibilities when developing their applications. They can now choose which channel they would like to use in order to get to the users (smart phones, tablets, portable computers, etc).

Microsoft´s Windows 8 opens the doors to create innovative applications that can easily be positioned in the global market. However, the information about the existence of these new apps must also be integrated, and shared!

And what better multinational internet corporation to do this than Facebook? As a leader in brand awareness and self-replication viral processes Facebook allows for information to reach an innumerable amount of people in an extremely short period of time!

Just think… Are you really going to miss the opportunity to be in an event where you can interact, exchange valuable knowledge and learn from these two world´s technology leading giants? I guess your answer is “NO!

Also, to ensure the participants learning process about the tools and technologies that are necessary to develop a Windows 8 custom application, they will all receive a two hour lecture on technical matters. The lecture will be given by Facebook’s engineer Artur Souza and Miguel Angel Saez who in addition to being a Microsoft representative is the creator of the HTML5 community in Argentina.

And this gets even better!

As a creative company experienced in developing windows 8 applications, Making Sense  together with its powerful e-mail marketing product Doppler, will be one of the sponsors for this event! As you all know, Making Sense is strongly committed to supporting the development of custom applications. Our company together with Facebook, Microsoft, Workana, and ITBAF consulting will offer the Facebook Challenge winner the advice and support to guarantee the capitalization and development of their project until it is launched at the Windows Store.

Making Sense CIO and Academic Director of the Social Media Institute Jonathan Baldovino will be part of the jury who will carefully evaluate each competing team. Along with Jonathan Baldovino, the jury will be integrated by Fernando Finelli, Mariano Iglesias, and Juan Ozcoidi.

Say yes to the Challenge!

Here comes the question again. Have you decided yet whether or not you will be part of the Facebook Challenge? I knew that by now your answer would be a big “YES!” So, if you happen to be visiting the city of Buenos Aires on November 27th or you are already in the city, you should definitely save the date and participate in this event! Facebook Challenge is a great opportunity for people with different cultural backgrounds to exchange information, share innovative ideas, and discuss the best way to develop custom apps using the latest technology.

Making Sense together with Facebook and Microsoft will be waiting for you on Tuesday November 27th from 9 AM to 7:30 PM at the Universidad del CEMA located at 775 Reconquista Street in Buenos Aires. This is a unique opportunity and the date is coming up soon! Take a minute and register now at https://eventioz.com.ar/ Don’t miss out! We´ll see you there!