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We’re excited to announce that we will soon be releasing the newest version of Doppler, our email marketing tool! Read on to get a preview of the latest developments and feature enhancements, and how to stay current on the news as it happens.

The Evolution of our Signature Marketing Tool

Our development team, located in the beautiful beachside city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, has been working around the clock to build a new version of the Doppler email marketing tool.

We’ve added technology and functionality enhancements to provide you with a superior experience for your marketing campaigns. We’re making it more attractive, user friendly, functional and reliable.

More Social than Ever Before

Social media has caused a seismic shift in the way marketers do business. From Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop storefronts, social has become an integral part of the marketing mix.

But email has proven to be the most durable and effective marketing tool since the Internet became mainstream in the 1990’s.

The next version of Doppler combines social media with email marketing in new ways, allowing you to seamlessly use these two powerful marketing paradigms for maximum effectiveness in your day-to-day campaigns.

Your email campaigns will echo across the social landscape through easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others.

Four Steps to Success

With the new Doppler you can:


Design your campaign, using our beautiful templates or by importing your own HTML templates. Easily set up your subscriber list, and customize your email sign-up forms to maximize conversions.


Once you’ve organized your campaign, send it right away, or schedule it to go out on the optimal delivery date and time of day.


Using our A/B testing tool launch two versions of your campaign and evaluate the most effective version to maximize conversions.


Continue to improve ROI and optimize conversions over the life of the campaign by tweaking the graphical and copy elements of your campaign.

Hear our Team Tell the Story

If you’re interested to learn more about how we’re building the next generation email marketing tool, view this video where our development team tells you, in their own words, what it’s like working at Doppler, and the creative process they’re using to generate these ground-breaking features.

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A new Doppler is on its way…what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out!

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