EMMS 2012

Once again, Doppler, Making Sense’s Email Marketing app is organizing the most important Digital Marketing event for Latin America EMMS.

Would this be the end for online marketing? Find out at EMMS

Register here: http://goemms.com

The EMMS returns this October 18th, the latinamerican conference that will revolutionize the Online Marketing world. This time we are trading the warm Mexican paradise for the multifacetic city of Buenos Aires. If you are not in that city, don’t worry, you can register and attend the event online!

During this fifth edition, Doppler will join representative figures from the field that will expound subjects related to news and tendencies on email marketing, social media, content marketing and marketing performance.

The goal of the EMMS is to become the point where experts and fans of Marketing can share knowledge, tools and new practices.

Also, a board of successful cases will take place, where important enterprises from the region will share positive experiences regarding Online Marketing strategies.

Do you wanna survive?

EMMS starts at 18hs at Sitio Palermo, 1416 Humboldt, located in the heart of Palermo Hollywood. The event is FREE, you only need to register in order to participate. Also you can watch the conference via streaming.

If you want to know all the news of the conference follow the #EMMS2012 hashtag and get the scoop on the last events.

The end of online marketing is closer. Do you wanna survive and be part of a new generation? Then register here and be safe!