For today’s competitive business environment it is simply not enough to have a web presence. If your business is going to keep up with the latest changes in consumer behavior and mobile technologies then it must have a mobile strategy. Why? Because today’s mobile users are very savvy and interactively engaged through mobile devices. Plus, they have a greater intent when they turn to their mobile device looking for answers and they enjoy sharing their experiences through them. Therefore, it must be understood that if your customers’ mobile web experience is disappointing they will likely view your company and your brand negatively. Users are looking for a mobile experience that is compelling, user-friendly and gratifying. The most popular applications will be the ones that can assist customers while they are on-the-go which can provide them useful information or solutions anytime and anywhere.

What elements then should you include in your mobile strategy?

Offer a site specifically for mobile users that:

  • Is a reduced version of the desktop site.
  • Is tailored to their needs with essential features that are easy to see and use.
  • Is integrated with existing device features.
  • Allows them to share their results.

Provide local answers, solutions and content:

  • Locally intent users will often call or visit locations they find through mobile inquires.
  • Users respond well to geo-targeted products and ads.

Provide offers and services just for mobile users; it is the kind of experience they are looking for.

Track mobile activity on your site:

  • Track the usage of different devices.
  • Determine which features and user interfaces are popular on each device.
  • Discover the differences between your mobile and desktop web users.

Evaluate your site, redevelop and redeploy as technology and trends evolve:

  • Discover what works best through usage tests.
  • Be able to develop new and better sites quickly.
  • Keep up with changes in user behavior and technology.

By following a cohesive strategy you and your company will not be left behind in the face paced world of mobile communications. Common Sense can help your business keep up with changes in mobile technology. Contact us and learn how we can help you develop your mobile site or apps