The Common Sense team was part of MDQ Dev Conf, the largest developer’s conference held in Mar del Plata, Argentina. We want to share with you our experience!

The event was a success and had a lot of attendees. It was a great place to share experiences and knowledge about new technologies and developing entrepreneurial skills.

Our developer, Leandro Gonzalez, was one of the speakers with a presentation about Windows Azure and Cloud Computing. He spoke about cloud computing platforms, the main features of Windows Azure and its advantages over other platforms.

As Leandro is in Texas right now, working with one of our clients, he explained the features and benefits of Microsoft’s Cloud Computing through a web cast to the conference attendees.

His talk was very entertaining and afterwards Leandro answered questions from the audience. We are very proud of Leandro’s performance! Congrats!

MDQ Dev Conf is a great event and we hope to be part next year!