Though much of the details have yet to be announced, the Build Windows Conference, which is to take place in Anaheim California from September 13th – 16th, is being highly anticipated to reveal specific details of the future of Microsoft’s operating systems and cross platform strategy. The conference has already sold out. Those fortunate enough to attend will have the opportunity to learn how:

• To take advantage of modern hardware and software features in future versions of Windows
• To create dynamic , touch-centric applications with the core of Windows
• To create web connected apps using HTML5 and JavaScript
• Internet Explorer 10 will change the web experience for users

Many attendees are expecting a beta release of Windows 8 along with announcements about the features to be included in Windows 8 and Windows 8 Server. Microsoft is asserting that their new user interface will allow programmers to develop for any device that they choose.

It is also reported the Microsoft will be holding one day Build Events in other countries including France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, The Netherlands and Dubai. Yet, if you are not able to attend, you don’t have to miss out on all the news. The keynote addresses will be streamed live and session contents will be made public within 24 hours.

The Build Windows Conference is sure to be a pivotal event for software development for the next few years as we learn how to utilize the latest technologies to stay informed and connected in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

For more information visit the Build Conference web site.