The 2010 Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference held place between October 28th and 29th. This conference for software developers covered new and upcoming technologies from Microsoft.

There was good news announced for Windows Azure. An innovative functionality was announced which will make it easier for customers to run existing Windows applications on Windows Azure, enable more affordable platform access and improve the Windows Azure developer and IT Professional experience.

The following capabilities will be added to Windows Azure in order to make it easier to integrate resources between the cloud and traditional IT systems, and provide better support for existing Windows applications.

  • Support for more types of new and existing Windows applications will soon be available with the introduction of the Virtual Machine (VM) role. Customers can move more existing applications to Windows Azure reducing the need to make costly code or deployment changes.
  • Development of more complete applications using Windows Azure is now possible with the introduction of Elevated Privileges and Full IIS. The new Elevated Privileges functionality for the Web and Worker role will provide developers with greater flexibility and control in developing, deploying and running cloud applications. The Web role will soon provide Full IIS functionality, which enables multiple IIS sites per Web role and the ability to install IIS modules.
  • Remote Desktop functionality enables customers to connect to a running instance of their application or service in order to monitor activity and troubleshoot common problems.

What’s your opinion about these new features? Microsoft says they listened the customers requests and this is their response. Do you think now more people will turn into Azure?

Learn more about the new Windows Azure capabilities!