We are happy to announce that two sessions from Common Sense have reached the voting phase in the SXSW Interactive Festival 2011. During this important Austin event, the cutting-edge technologies and trends are discussed by the relevant industry leaders.

Cesar D’Onofrio, Common Sense’s CEO, was pre-selected to discuss about how to expand products and services in the US market.

Also, Jonathan Baldovino’s dissertation, Doppler’s General Manager, about Social Email Marketing was chosen for this phase.

Now it’s voting time! Can you give us a hand and vote for our representatives at the Panel Picker SXSW 2011? It only demands 2 minutes time to register and clicking on the thumb up. Thanks, we really appreciate it!

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How to Break into the US Market – Cesar D’Onofrio

Our intent is to help Spanish speakers understand the challenges to successfully expanding their products and services in the United States. Our speakers have worked for more than 10 years for Latin American companies doing just that. We’ll cover from IT outsourcing to SasS, cultural differences, customer service, common mistakes, the growing demand for Spanish speaking resources, as well as why LATAM is in better position than China/India to capture US business, and how to “connect” with Americans. We’ll also leave ample time for questions and discussion with audience members.

  • Is my product or service suitable for the US market?
  • What is the most common mistake to avoid?
  • What are the top recommendations to companies that want to introduce product/service into the US market?
  • What tool/services will make my life easier?
  • Differences between selling in LATAM versus the US?

Social Marketing Power through Email – Jonathan Baldovino

What is Social Email Marketing and how can it help you? Email marketing has been a mainstay for marketers since the mid ’90s. However, Social Media marketing is quickly becoming the “in” marketing paradigm, and email has gained a reputation as an old-school “interruption” technique. Social Media, on the other hand, is the ideal “inbound marketing” medium because it allows users more control over what messages get spread and which are duds. Because of its social and viral nature, and the exponential growth of popular Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, marketers are scrambling to jump on the Social Media bandwagon. However, email Marketing has been and still is a very effective tool. It lets you obtain relevant information from client’s behavior and build a dynamic feedback loop with your customers. Also, it allows segmenting and to measure your campaign results in real time. We’ll discuss the fusion of the two: the integration of both channels to unify your communications strategy, segmenting leads and customers, and viralize your communications. Finally, we’ll explain how Social Email Marketing will amplify the impact of your marketing. If you like our proposal and vote for it, please tell your friends on Twitter! hashtag #sxswLatAm

  • How to implement a Social Email Marketing program?
  • How Social Email Marketing maximize the branding experience?
  • How to improve “Mailing list Quality” using social channels?
  • How to improve the subscriber response by integrating social content?
  • How social information can help you with your target segmentation?