Are you searching for ways to increase your email open rates? Get more click throughs to your website or sell more through email? But you aren’t quite sure what to change in your emails to improve things?

Then version testing can help you find the most effective subject lines, copy points, copy length, buttons, creative and offers to get better results!

The concept is simple, you can test headlines, offers, bullet points versus paragraphs, pricing, discounts, even the images… anything that may impact your conversion. Pick 2 things to test against each other, maybe a discounted price versus free shipping.

From 100% of your email list, take a small percentage of it, say 10% (depending on how large your list is) and send a test campaign to half those users with “version one” of your email, the other half get “version two” of your email. So, of your total list, 5% get one version with a subject line, copy or offer you’d like to test, 5% get another version. Give it a day or so (depending on open rates) and check your Doppler reports for the best open rates or click throughs.

Whichever version “wins” with the best rates, send that version out to the remaining 90% of your full list. The next email, test something different and compare to these first results. If you do this every time you send a newsletter, and track each test’s results, you should start to steadily improve your email campaign’s effectiveness!