Are you aware of the incredible & inevitable progress of change in health care?

Without a doubt, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many transformations in the healthcare system. This is especially so in the digital realm which looks to mirror, improve, and elevate the previous in-person experiences as best as possible.

Simultaneously, this has meant that most healthcare systems have found themselves lost amidst the new advances that have been taking place nonstop and at such a fast pace, also realizing on the way about their digital shortcomings.

Despite these difficulties, the value creation that has been taking place, hand in hand with the amazing business growth that has been occurring consequently in the sector, has made it clear that for those enterprises that want to truly progress, increase revenue and provide the best services possible, the digital revolution is inevitable, unmistakable and unavoidable!

Check out the data:

Source: Harvard Medical School

According to BlackRock, the key investment themes for 2024 for the healthcare industry require leveraging technology modernization to streamline processes, managing costs and enhancing patient care.
For this reason, it is a sector that undoubtedly needs crucial guidance to face each new obstacle emerging from a technological disruption. In this regard, Making Sense proudly leads the way in delivering digital solutions of the highest quality, including support and guidance for clinical solutions, telehealth services, healthcare computerized systems, and so much more.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the healthcare industry

Before delving into the latest tendencies and key aspects that can set a healthcare company apart from the rest, let’s quickly dive into a brief overview of how digital transformations generate value for healthcare providers.
This can include, amongst other things, the simultaneous sharing of information and insights. Making reliable data instantaneously available to every member of the healthcare team, wherever they are, equalizes standards, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes errors like never before.

Not only that, but the ever-evolving artificial intelligence software available today can set organizations apart on unprecedented levels because it detects patterns beyond the scope of what people can spot on their own, identifying opportunities and failures that otherwise would have been missed.
In addition to that, some systems can even provide visualizations that leverage augmented reality and virtual reality like no other! This allows colleagues to grasp the significance of the information more quickly and holistically than their competitors, providing unique levels of confidence that allow for fast, accurate, and groundbreaking decision making.

How digital transformation can benefit your business as a healthcare provider and boost results.

  • Accelerate innovation, agility, and learning.
  • Empower your workforce, gain valuable insights, and increase efficiency.
  • Streamline operations, and gain visibility.
  • Promote collaboration, and harness new opportunities.

The online revolution is redefining healthcare interactions: Achieve the best value for patients and the healthcare system as a whole

Alongside these changes come challenges, and in this sector, a particular aspect that needs crucial attention is the personalization of healthcare. This is understandably so because result-driven initiatives can more often than not lack human sensibility and empathy.

This is especially concerning in healthcare due to the issues at hand, and this is one more area in which Making Sense can assist in making a crucial difference.

This is because Making Sense views digital transformations and process optimizations as one-of-a-kind opportunities to improve relationships between doctors, patients, and business partners. The different healthcare providers now require collaboration to better discover and comprehend what adds value for patients, and Making Sense can help you do that.
“New technology isn’t always seen as humanizing (…) but technology can in fact be a great ally”– these are the findings suggested by a study on digital transformations and their effects on the treatment of chronic patients in Spain*. Among other benefits, they found that digital developments can help reduce the number of in-person appointments and increase the amount of time the doctor can spend with the patient.

*The study was conducted by IESE professors, associates of the Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM), with the support of the global pharmaceutical company CSL Vifor.

Ultimately and in response to these developments, it’s critical for mid-market enterprises and private equity firms to strategically focus on areas that will maintain quality of care and mitigate regulatory and compliance risk, such as:

✅ Implementing robust data security measures to protect patient information.
✅ Streamlining operations without compromising patient care.
✅ Upholding transparency and adhering to high ethical standards.

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Making Sense, Makes a Difference

Making Sense partnered with a leading population genomics and viral surveillance company, named one of the Top 100 Healthcare Technology companies of 2022, to improve and escalate health data like never before!

Group of multicultural medical workers discussing gene modification while gathering at hospital meeting room. Qualified doctors researching dna peculiarities during international conference.


The business required a Partner Portal product to: 

  • Accelerate diagnostics & information processing.
  • Modernize & increase efficiency through new technologies.
  • Accomplish faster collaborations & improve genomic information management.

That is how, as tech partners, Making Sense assisted them in selecting the ideal ‘Tech Stack’ for the business to modernize their web service and exceed their original goals. 

What was the outcome, you ask? Incredible results of course!

  • A user-focused HIIPA-Compliant solution. 
  • Unique search and view tools for samples and results.
  • Optimization of data protection.
  • And improved user activity reports and UX Flows!

Making Sense leads the way in the future of health

Making Sense partnered with a leading clinical data technology company that empowers greater health by unleashing the full potential of data in medical records!

Group of doctors walking down stairs on medical conference, talking.


The challenge? To this day paper records are still kept in the healthcare industry, creating complex barriers. As a result, one of the enterprises leading App’s was facing:

🔻Product growth delays.

🔻Reductions in operator efficiency.

🔻Outdated management and processing of patient medical records.

The goal? The company needed to modernize and rewrite their App urgently!

How did Making Sense not only solve the issue but exceed all expectations? By modernizing one of their main apps which is used by no less than 3 out of 5 US hospitals and more than 16,000 physicians!

The outcome?

  • The latest in scanning and processing of documents
  • Cutting down on manual data processing 
  • Optimizing data protection
  • Improved user activity reporting 
  • As well as UX flow improvements!

Ultimately, the digital transformations in the healthcare sector are here to stay. The value creation possibilities are endless and for any company that wants to excel, falling behind is not an option.

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