A year that we will all remember as the year of the exponential growth of artificial intelligence is coming to an end. But 2023 was also marked by many other technology-related trends, reflected in the interest shown by readers in our blog articles.

It was a challenging year in macroeconomic terms. New technologies began to play a key role in staying competitive, controlling costs, or attracting the attention of investors.

As we rethink how we will face the challenges of 2024, we take a look back at the highlights of the year that is now behind us:

1. Nearshoring: meeting point between challenging projects and the best talent

A review of how close offshoring models bring multiple benefits for both the professionals involved in the projects and the clients who receive a better end product.

2. Can new technologies impact EBITDA and multiply exit options?

How to leverage innovation to make a company more attractive to potential buyers.

3. The winning card: a customer-centric technology partner

A key decision that is more relevant during a recession.

4. The exciting journey between the birth and the materialization of an idea

Asking the right questions and moving along the right path is the best way to success.

5. The impact of generative AI on software development: opportunities and threats

This vast field includes ethical dilemmas, copyright issues, and, of course, the possibility of creating significantly better digital products.

6. Quality Services Packages: testing software has never been easier

An in-depth description of this set of solutions that helps to improve the reliability, robustness, and quality of digital products, both existing and under development.

7. Why VCs look closely at AgTech businesses

The steps agribusiness companies must take to become even more attractive to investors.

8. Electronic Health Records and AI: towards preventive and efficient models

A look at this key technology for advancing personalized medicine models, eliminating diagnostic errors and promoting optimal use of health system resources.

9. What can generative AI do for your business?

The value of the 2023 flagship technology analyzed from concrete business use cases.

10. Accessibility testing: a digital world suitable for all audiences

Driven by regulations and the advancement of diversity and inclusion, applications must be ready for everyone to use.