We live fast-paced. The market forces organizations to be increasingly efficient: to stay ahead of the curve, with controlled investments and short-term results.

In this complex context, business is constantly evolving, being often necessary to launch digital products quickly to capture a new market, to establish a disruptive solution before competitors do, to quickly transform an idea into reality, to add a fundamental feature to an existing application at the request of its users, to improve the customer experience…

Regardless of the reasons, this need has historically found several obstacles, especially when structuring a development team that can solve the problem and reach a PoC (proof of concept) or functional prototype within the stipulated timeframe, with limited costs and the desired quality, or finding a technology partner willing to take the risk.

The basis for success

With all this in mind, Making Sense structured its series of Featured Services: sets of packaged services that function as optimized solutions in four areas (UX design, quality control, development, and agile management) designed to deliver faster and more efficient results.

Featured Services address some significant pains organizations face when advancing development projects. Data collected by the specialized technology market statistics portal Gitnux shows that only 52% of software products pass the post-release test of quality and that between 40% and 50% of initiatives are delivered late. Some 27% fail simply because the organization did not have the necessary resources.

Straight against pain points

Features Services are based on the concept of being ready to deliver. We capitalize on more than fifteen years of experience to guarantee results in at least two weeks.

The benefits offered by Featured Services are not limited to the speed of delivery.

Depending on which option is chosen, they are also useful for, among other benefits:
– Reduce development costs.
– Increase team productivity.
– Improve the quality of the final product.
– Avoid costly rework processes.
– Capitalize as much as possible on new technologies available.
– Be used as a gateway to the agile world.

Another advantage of these services is that these proposals apply to organizations in all industries and segments.

How can we define Featured Services in a few words? As the ideal way to materialize ideas seamlessly.