We are at the top of the wave now. Everything is moving so fast that it is difficult to think clearly. Thousands of new AI-based tools appear daily to solve different issues, and ChatGPT has already broken the record as the fastest platform to reach 100 million users. It took just two months.

As with every new technology, first, it is confined to laboratories and is experimented on by a small circle of early adopters, and then, when it becomes widespread, confusion appears. Everyone wants to know what it is about; everyone wants to try it; everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon.

Today, for example, we see many initiatives within companies using AI tools: the marketing department to speed up the creation of campaigns and messages, HR to do research on profiles and develop more accurate head-hunting processes, Finance to analyze solvency and credit worthiness, development areas use copilot and others… However, AI usage is disaggregated and experimental. All this is logical and has already happened in other cases of technological adoption

From tactical to strategic

What is missing to turn these sectorial advances and these limited and circumstantial improvements -saving time, avoiding writing a post because ChatGPT or Jasper does it- into an actual transforming model that can capture the enormous potential that this technology has to change the way we work, consume, relate and live? A comprehensive and strategic view of this technology demonstrates how it will produce real value for organizations in the long term.

The consequence of not having such a strategic view is nothing more and nothing less than a loss – perhaps significant – of time and money due to “amateur” tests, isolated initiatives, and investments which results are far from the true potential or failed projects. From a societal point of view, the damage is even more significant. If all organizations were to experience this same difficulty, then AI would not bring about a substantial change in the history of mankind. Are we going to miss it?

From digital transformation to AI transformation

We can make an analogy with an element so recent that we are still in the middle of the journey: digital transformation. Today we can say that the word “transformation” is appropriate. We have recently changed how we meet, move, order food, or interact with our bank. We have cases of 100% digitized companies, and there are numerous digital management platforms.

But to get to this point, we had to go through a whole process. It started with initiatives such as “Let’s digitize an invoice” or “Let’s make a video call.” At some point, business ideologues understood that it was necessary to escalate to the strategic level so that the benefits of digital transformation could reach humankind as a whole and not remain only between the video store and the streaming platform.

Intelligent discovery

We need to make a similar journey for AI to take off and produce substantial modifications in people and organizations.

The C-level is at the experimentation stage: with the awareness that it is necessary to progress on the subject but may not yet have found the tools to do so strategically. That is why it is best to start with AI discovery work. What is this? A mapping of each organization where we can identify the best way for AI to move from isolated facts to strategic plans by evaluating objectives, people, way of working, current use of tools, KPIs, and other variables. Does this mean wasting the few steps already taken? No, it means empowering the technology, taking it to the next level. We seek to understand what is the most efficient and intelligent way to approach AI investments to produce impacts and results in the short term that are then sustainable over time.

Another variable often seen is the tendency to hire large consulting firms that charge big amounts and leave us with an impeccable strategy on paper. Still, many times we do not even know where to start reading the valuable work we have done. Then that effort of time and money would seem ineffective, despite the wonderful result and deliverable we have on the desk. Moreover, agencies specialized in AI are on top of the latest trends, but in most cases, they can’t see my company as a whole. Hey writer… you leave me more and more lost. In Making Sense, we offer something in between. With the discovery described above, understanding your business and your goals, and taking care of your priorities and the technically reliable and robust support we help make your journey in the field of AI generate an immediate but sustainable impact over time, enhancing the efficiency of your organization.