At Making Sense, we envision 2023 just as fast-paced and full of opportunities, where technology will continue to be the main protagonist. We will face challenges and overcome obstacles that arise and are confident that we have a great team to do so!
To celebrate the end of this year, we have put together a list of our most read articles during this year.

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  2. Product Analyst: what every company needs for its projects
  3. Why a full-stack QA model can help deliver optimal results
  4. PMs: Are they born or made?
  5. How to ensure success with a nearshoring partner
  6. PE and technology partners: dangerous (and very favorable) liaisons
  7. How does culture shape the way we think? Tips to globalize your product
  8. How to identify a PM at a glance?
  9. IoT testing: ensuring that everything is in its place
  10. 5 Ways Leaders Can Ensure a Successful Digital Transformation