Whether you are thinking about releasing a new product, wondering how to boost a current one, or envisioning a modernization to meet the ever-evolving users’ demands, there are many questions you should be asking if you are looking to build products users will love.  But, this is not easy and success doesn’t happen by chance.

It seems like the end of the process, but it’s just the beginning of a long-term plan that will allow your company to reach success. The discovery phase sets an incredible basis for building a product that really meets what your users want and allows your company to reach its business goals.

This process allows us to define the best approach for your project and then craft the best solution. We go deep into your business core and take from there the most valuable data. By using these data, we assure that whatever we define as the product strategy, definitions and designs are aligned to the business goals and to what success means.

We drive your team through 3 interconnected highways: Business, Experience and Tech

From the business highway

At the business level, we will help you to be clear about your value proposition and business model.

  • Company Profile
  • Swot Analysis
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Definition
  • Roadmap
  • Team Allocation

From the experience highway

At the experience level, we will understand your users’ behaviors, needs, and expectations.

  • Service Mapping
  • Persona Document
  • User Flow
  • Mood board
  • UI Guidelines
  • Prototype

From the tech highway

At the tech level, we will establish the foundation and the technical plan to build the product focused on long-term and scalability.

  • Integrations
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Tech Stack
  • Architecture Design
  • Technical Documentation
  • Initial Test Plan

Going to life

It seems like the end of the process, but it’s just the starting point of a long-term plan that will allow your company to reach success by building a product that fits your market needs.

We truly understand the best way to navigate the journey is as partners, and it may sound like a cliché but, honestly, the faster we get into your world, the better.

“We are magic makers, and we say it ‘cos we organize the chaos by bridging the gap between delight and data”

In our clients words