The experience of having been a Sitecore certified developer for 5 years has given me the opportunity to interact with a variety of enterprises. This has been of immense value when it comes to understanding customer behaviour. When customers interact with your brand, they want to feel they are unique and recognized.

Main Reasons why Companies Should use Sitecore

You need to treat every customer like he or she is an individual and shape every customer experience. This is where Sitecore comes into play. Sitecore’s CMS platform produces .NET website platforms that provide dynamic, personalized websites for your customers.

In addition, Sitecore delivers a greater ability to blend insights and decisions into execution and action.

Sitecore XP will put your business on the way to achieving a single platform experience. That is: one platform to deliver one connected experience across different channels, letting your customers experience becoming more relevant with every touch.

Sitecore enhances and upgrades business sites, but that’s not all. There are a few more reasons why using this CMS is great for business:

  • Use the Sitecore Experience Platform to deliver the right content to the right person, at the right moment in the right place based on the customer’s interaction history.
  • Make customers feel unique by creating personalized targeted messages, automatically and in real time, knowing customers’ locations, what devices they are using and what needs they have.
  • Let authors focus on producing customized content while Sitecore XP will ensure it will be consistently displayed on any channel and automatically delivered based on customers’ behavior.
  • Gain the ability to understand each customer as an individual in real time, knowing their likes, dislikes and requirements, and also when those preferences change… all by processing high volumes of data with Sitecore Experience NoSQL Database.
  • Bring in data from other systems such as customer service, ecommerce or an external CRM to create accurate customer profiles. Integrating external systems with Sitecore is a powerful way to gather enterprise data all together and enhance marketing strategy.
  • Track customer behavior and personalize content on other sites not managed by Sitecore with Federated Experience Manager.
  • Recognize customers, identify groupings based on common attributes or interest to create effectively targeted, segmentation-based programs with Sitecore Experience Profile.
  • Run A/B and multivariate test or track website goals. Analytics reports will help a business to understand what works for its customers and to know the engagement levels so you can improve their experience and optimize your website across all channels to increase conversions.
  • Personalize the shopping experience and create offers effectively by implementing your shop with Sitecore Commerce.

Who Benefits from Using Sitecore XP?

This platform is mainly used by marketing leaders, agencies and marketers since it provides marketing teams with easy-to-use analytics, testing and optimization, personalization, and content management capabilities.

Nowadays, websites that deliver a smooth experience are becoming important for business. In fact, the experience that the user has while visiting your site will be a determining factor for loyalty. And, as the complexity of websites continues to evolve, technology will need to keep up. Sitecore is the platform that allows you to stay in front of all these needs.

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