Last Thursday, Noah Mamet, US Ambassador to Argentina, visited our offices at Making Sense in Mar del Plata. I am really proud our team had the honor of receiving the diplomat. My brother Damián, the company’s president, was able to have a friendly meeting with Ambassador Mamet, and I am even prouder that Making Sense was the only software company he visited this time!

It has been more than 15 years since I decided to establish a foothold in the US to work with Argentinian developers and offer the best software ever to American companies. Now, with Mamet’s visit, the bond between Argentina and US is renewed and strengthened.

The meeting took place after the Coloquio IDEA Conference, held in Mar del Plata and in which Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri was one of the speakers. He met with the president and co founder of Making Sense, Damian D’Onofrio, as well as our colleagues. The Ambassador was apprised of our company’s key projects with US customers. Damián and our team also discussed Making Sense’s upcoming business ventures in Argentina.

Noah Mamet was very interested in knowing more about the software product VidTac. Making Sense developed VidTac together with COPsync, an American company that develops security services. VidTac is a platform that integrates video recording and communication systems for security forces.

Today VidTac is used in more than 3000 patrol cars in Texas, USA. VidTac takes security to a new level by helping policemen use new technologies in their everyday activities, cooperating with society and law obedience.

We are really happy with Noah Mamet’s visit and I am are sure this is an important milestone in Making Sense history. I believe this meeting will strengthen ties with the US Embassy and the various organizations responsible for improving relations between Argentina and the world, while showcasing the creativity and quality of the Argentine professionals.