This is a new article from the Meet a Making Senser series of posts. By showing you a glimpse into the world of our people and how we do things at Making Sense, we hope to break down the traditional barriers that often exist between developers and their clients. The more you know about us and the more we know about you, the better we can all work to make your project better than ever!

Rosario Mensi is a Full Stack Developer at Making Sense and works at our Argentina Development Center in Mar Del Plata. She started working at MS in June of 2013.

Why did you choose to study Systems Engineering?

I decided to study Software Engineering at the Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, although in high school they didn’t prepare me for that. I always liked computing, so I was intrigued and found it really interesting to learn how programming works. It’s like a puzzle for me, and over time I found that I really enjoy it. And it’s not something that bores me, because with ever-changing technology like this, you get never bored!

Also, you must be creative if you want to have fun. Anybody can learn these technologies, but you have to foster in yourself new ways of thinking. Then you can apply your growth to those technologies.

How did you start working at Making Sense?

When I finished my classes, I started working in QA at another company. It was pretty interesting, and I had the chance to work for a project where I had to work in Chicago for 3 months. I later decided to make a change, because it was an extremely large project and I wanted a chance to apply everything I’d learned in college. Working on a big project taught me how to be really organized in my everyday tasks, but I wanted to work in a closer environment, where there was more emphasis on a tight working relationship with a team.

At Making Sense I found this kind of environment. All the managers listen to you, and many of the clients are startups, which means there’s lots to do and learn! At my former job, the projects were for really big companies, which meant it was harder to make changes or suggestions.

I sent my CV to Making Sense HR and I started as a QA but soon enough, after 3 months, I was programming. In my first project I received a lot of guidance from JD and Mariano Ravinale, so they really helped me get off the ground at MS.

What do you do at present?

I am working with a client on several projects. It’s really fun but professionals all around. I am really learning a lot, technically. They actually came to work with us at our Mar del Plata Office. This close relationship with the clients shortens the distance between us and really facilitates communication, even though we are several miles away from each other.

The systems engineering career is very broad, so you can choose different directions for your career. I believe my own path is somewhere between the technical side and the one related to management. I adore managing a project and a team, where we all work together to reach deadlines. I am grateful to Making Sense because here I am able to do that. They have asked me what I like to do best and encouraged me to achieve it. I have also completed some technical training and project management courses.

What were the challenges in your career at MS?

One of the most gratifying challenges is to satisfy our clients’ needs. And the best way to do this is like “sprinting”, where we are targeting short-term objectives. Also, I have learned from experience that not everything goes smooth and perfect every time. Scrums are not quite as they are depicted in books, so we are constantly adapting these kinds of tools so we can work together and achieve our goals.

Right now I am working on a bookstore app that will be used by people studying and working in the university environment. There is a customized app for each of a long list of colleges. I work on the CMS front end using AngularJS, and the back end using CloudMine + NodeJS. In addition, I also work as a FrontEnd developer with another project. I’m also available as a consultant, analyzing work flow and suggesting team improvements.

What do you do in your free time?

I am really curious! I love what I do and I have been working for four years and have already  learned and progressed a lot. But apart from being this passionate about my career, I truly love art. I sing: I am part of a chorus here in my city and also I taped a cd with my boyfriend, who plays the drums. I also love playing bass, and even took lessons for two years. I still try to carve out some free time here and there to practice. I also love cinema and books. I enjoy spending my free time totally involved in all these artistic activities, which I believe encourage my creativity at work. In fact, it’s probably the main key ingredient for my profession.