When we founded Making Sense, the objective was to do the best we could and be at the top level in the American IT market. In our company history, apart from developing custom software for companies in the U.S., we have also been incubating diverse software products. One of them is Doppler, which allows users to create, send, analyze and optimize email marketing campaigns in a very simple, fast and effective way – this tool is now the most widely used email marketing platform in Latin America. Our other product is Lander, a solution that enables the creation of landing pages in minutes.

We are happy to announce that these efforts to create great software have been rewarded with some big news: Lander was recently sold to Silicon Valley company Internet Cowboy Ventures.

How Lander was born

Lander started as an idea to develop a product that could compete in the U.S. market. Making Sense has always empowered entrepreneurship, and our team had already had the experience of supporting and establishing Doppler – the team had learned a lot and knew how to create a product from scratch. We wanted to create a suite of products, so this new one could work and integrate with Doppler, which had been in place since 2006. Doppler was truly successful in Latin America, and we wanted this new product to succeed in the U.S.

Our first step was to do some brainstorming. We chose to create a landing page editor and creator. As the general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads, this app would work perfectly in sync with our email marketing tool Doppler.

We worked for some months, and in 2012, we launched an engaging Coming Soon page for our new tool. From the first draft drawn on a piece of paper to the current app, the usability and user experience have both been the key. We tried to include a variety of features so the app could be competitive: functional layouts, A/B testing, email marketing and CRM integration, Google Analytics integration, a welcome message as well as confirmation pages.

A successful app

The results of these efforts were clear. Lander now has more than 56,000 users from 190 countries all over the world. In 2013, Lander won the Sadosky Prize awarded by the Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina (CESSI) Best Computer Entrepreneurship. This recognition is awarded annually to individuals, companies and entrepreneurs who, with their work and performance, contribute to the growth of the IT industry in Argentina in all its dimensions.

In addition, in 2014, Lander was awarded the prize of “Best Web Site of the Day” and “Best Website Development” delivered by the U.S. entity Awwwards, highlighting its excellent user experience, content and design.

Lander is acquired

We are proud to have had the experience of creating a software product from scratch and succeed in the most competitive market in the world, managing to be in the top five of its niche.

The strong output growth in the United States generated the interest of Silicon Valley companies, including Internet Cowboy Ventures, who finally acquired Lander to add it to its products such as QuestionPro and Survey Analytics. The attention received by some of the most important technology companies worldwide is just a sample of the Latin talent and shows what can be achieved with effort and dedication.

Currently, Making Sense focuses its efforts on developing custom software and making email marketing tool Doppler grow. We are in no hurry, but surely some new idea will arise, and maybe tomorrow we will be working on the next Lander.