The year 2007 was big for Making Sense. Not only did we launch our first product, the innovative email marketing tool Doppler, we also opened our first office in San Antonio, Texas.

Since then, our company has prided itself on keeping its fingers on the pulse of the development and technology industries. It’s in this spirit that we celebrate the opening of our new Bay Area office in Palo Alto, CA.

Making Sense grows

Making Sense has gone through considerable growth leading up to the opening of our new Bay Area location. In 2008, we opened our Development Center in Mar del Plata, establishing our presence in Argentina.

In 2009, Making Sense expanded into Latin America with our Mexico City office. This helped us to further support Doppler, as we watched it become one of the most popular email marketing tools in the region.

The year 2011 brought even more growth, as well as our second Development Center located in Tandil, Argentina. This was also the year we cemented a new partnership in the Dominican Republic.

Over the next two years, we worked to open new locations, including additional offices in Mar del Plata, Tandil, Buenos Aires and Boston.

2015: Palo Alto office

Now, we’re able to add our new Palo Alto office to this list. Making Sense is very excited and proud to launch our new Bay Area office, located in a strategic area where the IT industry was born.

For more than 40 years, Silicon Valley has been the home to numerous silicon chip, software and technology companies – currently, some of the biggest names have offices in the region, including Apple, Google, Cisco, HP and Oracle. The area is still known for its tech community, and accounts for one-third of all venture capital investments in the country.

The area inherently supports innovation and progress – in addition to providing the home for IT, the Bay Area is also known for its startup community. Since our launch, Making Sense has always had a prime focus on innovation and utilizing the latest technologies. For these reasons, Palo Alto seemed like the perfect fit for us – not only would the startup community have access to our services, but we’re also near the inventive and creative hub that is the Bay Area.

This new location offers a number of benefits, not only for our business, but for our clients as well. Being closer to our customers ensures the most efficient service possible, and offers new opportunities for Making Sense.

Currently, the Palo Alto Making Sense team includes tech leads, gaming specialists and business developers. This team will expand as we continue to grow our presence in the Bay Area.

Want to drop by? Visit us at 228 Hamilton Ave, 3rd Floor, Palo Alto, California. 94301.