Everyone who belongs to a community, or who has ever tried to set up one, knows that it’s not an easy task. But being part of a community and helping it grow has a lot of benefits.

Therefore, in Making Sense we try to have a greater participation and growth in the local and Latin-American UX community. And we do so by collaborating in different ways.

Collaborating in Education

Santiago at CAECE UX

Some members of the UX team, together with members of our company, are currently teaching in many educational institutions of our country. By exposing and sharing our own experiences, the generation of future designers and developers will have a more suitable idea of the market, of the technologies, and of the relevance of the user-centered design and thus, they will be able to create better future experiences.

One of our Project Managers, Silvia Vassolo, leads the UX Research Group and teaches at CAECE University in Mar del Plata. One of the subjects she teaches together with another colleague is focused on the Users’ Experience and is included in the Engineering, Computer System and Graphic Design course of studies.

Moreover, Santiago Tribiani, one of our UX Designers and UxPA member, teaches Web Design and UI Development at CAECE University in Mar del Plata for students in the second year of their Graphic Design course of studies.

Another member of Making Sense who is teaching Web Development at the Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires is Noelia Franco. Some of the new technologies she includes in her lessons are HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, Mongo DB and Backbone.js, among others.

And I, Lisandro Martinez Basabilvaso, am currently conducting a UX and Usability Seminar at FASTA University in Mar del Plata. Among the many topics of the seminar, User Testing, Usability and UI Design can be highlighted as the main ones.

Collaborating with IxDA

Currently, part of our UX team is involved in the IxDA, which I am honored to be the local leader of in Mar del Plata, city that hosts the most important developing center of Making Sense.

IxDA Meeting UX

What is IxDa?

IxDA is a global network of professional designers that offers a free-of-charge membership. IxDA relies on its passionate members to help satisfy the needs of the International Interaction Design Community. With more than 60,000 members and over 150 local groups around the world, the IxDA network actively focuses on interaction design issues for the practitioner.

Sponsoring ISA14

For the first time, the Interaction South America 2014 will be held in Argentina, at Universidad Católica Argentina, in Buenos Aires. This represents a huge event for the Latam UX community and we are looking forward to this 6th. The event will have a duration of four days, from November 19th to 22nd, and will count with the presence of national and international specialists, who will deliver talks and share their knowledge with the audience.

Keynote speakers will be present such as Kendra Shimmell, Managing Director at Cooper, Steve Portigal, Principal at Portigal Consulting and Jeff Gothelf, Principal at Neo.

At Making Sense we are highly interested in the UX concept, and one of our main features is that not only the projects we engage in, but also our software and apps, count with an excellent UX. Therefore, we are proud of being one of the sponsors of the largest and most important event in the field and to have all our UX team attending the event. Stay tuned for our coverage of ISA 2014!