In any kind of company, one of the most important things to pay attention to is what the clients or users think about the product or service provided. Their opinion is the key to improve what is being offering, so it is essential to keep them happy and satisfied, because they are the main part of our success.

At Making Sense we always want to hear our clients’ opinion, what they think and which are their comments and experiences when using our services. We apply that in everyday development. For example, our product Lander has recently won an Awwward as “The Site of the Day” and a “Developer Award” for their new useful, innovative, and Responsive Website development project, thanks to how focused we are in our users.

Just because no one has complained about your app doesn’t mean that all your users are using it efficiently, effectively and to their full satisfaction.

In order to provide the best possible services, last June, Doppler, our Email Marketing product, made a User Testing to see how people get along with its new templates editor.

For those unacquainted with this product, Doppler is an Email Marketing tool used to reach clients in a simple, fast and safe way. You can segment Emails, viralize them and measure the campaigns’ outreach in just a few minutes.

Doppler's editor

The Importance of Web Usability Testing

What is usability? It can be defined as a quality attribute that assesses the easiness of user interfaces, the niceness of its presentation, its performance and the interaction between the interface and the user. The word “usability” also refers to methods for improving easinesse-of-use.

This kind of testing gauges the quality of a visitor’s experience while interacting with your website. Web Usability Testing is not only necessary to understand how and why an audience establishes an online relationship with your product or service, it is also essential in the considerationof customer expectations and business models, since they change over time, and you need to ensure that your website is keeping up with both.

Another important concept during any User Testing process is User experience (UX). It is exactly what the word says, how a person feels when using a product, system or service. UX includes a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, easiness of use and efficiency of the system and it also highlights the experiential, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. UX is dynamic, because it changes over time, as the circumstances change.

Doppler’s User Testing

In the first place, our Doppler team determined a scope, deciding what it was going to be tested. In this case, they wanted to have opinions regarding a new template editor.

After that, another relevant and key aspect to determine was the participants, the people who will be testing the app. For this Web User Testing, a group of young students between 18 and 25 years-old from CAECE University, in Mar del Plata, was chosen.

Doppler's User Testing

Once the participants and the scope have been decided, a date and time to have it done needed to be established. Some team members helped participants throughout this process. Damian DOnofrio, Doppler’s founder; Sol Romeo, Marketing and Communications Manager at Doppler, Lisandro Martinez Basabilvaso, Head of UX & Design at Making Sense and Sofia Ferragut, Business Analyst, were in charge of dispelling participants’ doubts and any kind of question. There were also some other people involved during the process; Diego Noya, Project Manager and Martin Deniro, UX/UI Designer at Making Sense.

The first step during the session was to split the group into two. Some of them were given specific details on how to use the editor and the others could use it freely. The whole activity lasted an hour, and after that the team, together with the testers did a retrospective analyses about their experience while using it.

Evaluating the results

This experience was incredibly positive from all points of view, but mainly because it gave us the possibility to be in contact with users. We could see how they interact with our product, which were their doubts and how they managed to do the different tasks we assigned them.

The main purpose was testing Doppler’s new template editor, but we realized it also helped us with some other issues or things that we had to improve from our app related to content, design, structure and interaction.

Doppler's User Testing- UX

We strongly believe these kinds of activities with our users are the key of our success. We are sure there will be more User Testings coming, not only for Doppler, but also for our landing page tool, Lander. User’s opinion is what we have to pay attention to!

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