With an international footprint and highly-skilled professionals, Making Sense has focused on bringing our client’s ideas to life providing the best User Experience possible. Whether we’re developing a revolutionary app or developing a game, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve the user, rather than our own company goal.

We always take projects or products as if they were our own. By listening to our clients, we identify solutions that meet their needs and find the right professionals for the team. This was the case of COPsync, which operates United States’s largest law enforcement real-time, in-car information sharing, communication and data interoperability network.

As the testimonial video shows, COPsync needed to develop industry’s first high-definition software driven video system for law enforcement patrol cars. The software-driven system needed to use the power of existing in-car computers and to eliminate the need for a separate DVR (digital video recorder).

Hands in Action!

As a creative company that likes to take on new challenges, Making Sense was excited to be part of a highly complex software development project. COPSync runs a lean operation and has a small development staff. For this reason it developed a very close-knit partnership with Making Sense, who acted as their “in-house” outsourced development team.

With a bilingual force of professionals taking advantages of flexible/manageable schedule that adapted to the partner Making Sense Created VidTac, an in-car video system for law enforcement. This system offers true High Definition 1080p video, which is double the image quality of current High Definition systems. It is also the only system in the law enforcement in-car video market that simultaneously captures both full-motion HD video and high-resolution five megapixel still images. At 1080p, it records more than 10 times the image detail of standard resolution analog cameras.

The benefits behind VidTac

Making Sense definitely took a unique software approach with VidTac. It turned the existing in-car computer into a DVR without interrupting other programs. That is in contrast to other camera systems, which require a costly DVR for all video recording, processing, and storage.

With the help and hard work of Making Sense’s developers the software-driven system was able to use the power of existing in-car computers and eliminated the need for a separate DVR (digital video recorder). They also designed an ultra-compact twin-lens camera system which not only doubled the image resolution quality, but also the effective visual range of both video and still images.

VidTac features

After developing VidTac, COPsync was able to offer clients an application with the following features:

  • On-board GPS and accelerometer, built-in location tracking and crash detection, and configurable backup memory.
  • An evidence file size control feature that allows the volume of data stored to be adjusted by dialing down the data rate and blending video with high-quality still images.
  • VidTac’s redundancy records and stores more than 100 hours of evidentiary video, depending on the selected data rate.

UX at the core of everything we develop!

In an recent interview with Making Sense, Herbert Severin, VP Strategic Innovation explained “There were a lot of business challenges to producing VidTac, our law enforcement video system. We needed to get to the market quickly, we needed to do sufficient market testing, and we needed creativity. And continued “We also needed to have a very unique User Experience. We were doing it differently than anybody was doing it that was using a PC which opens up flexibility from a priority box and that is expertise that Making Sense brought us.”

As COPsync VP explained, they needed a software development company that offered creativity, technical expertise and a commitment to service that matched their own commitment to their customers. They needed to partner with a company that offered extensive, proven experience creating applications with an Excellent User Experience.

Some of the main UX benefits offered by Making Sense include:

  • Enthusiastic acceptance by end users
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
  • Improvements in user satisfaction

The success of this revolutionary app was such that it was featured in newspapers and TV channels from all over the world including CNN in the U.S, BBC in England, el País in Uruguay, and La Nacion, which is is one of the most prestigious newspapers in Argentina.

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As a software development company with a team of highly qualified professionals Making Sense continues assisting companies to provide the best services to their clients in today’s competitive world. Take a moment to read our Case Study Testimonial Video and learn more about the creation of the first fully integrated video system.

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